How to clean kitchen utensils, natural remedies

How to clean kitchen utensils, natural remedies

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The detergents we use in the kitchen are rich in artificial substances potentially irritating to the skin; Clinical tests have shown that the detergents used daily have the power to make our skin more sensitive and thus expose us to dermatitis and other allergies.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to use industrial products to clean our kitchen utensils, it is possible, in fact, to exploit natural products that are easily available and that are more efficient.

How to clean kitchen utensils with natural products, the benefits

  • They are cheap
  • They are as efficient as the products we find on the market: they eliminate grease, eliminate bacteria, sanitize worktops ...
  • They respect the environment
  • They are not the cause of domestic pollution
  • They are safe for children
  • They are easy to prepare

How to clean kitchen utensils, the ingredients
The ingredients for cleaning kitchen utensils are the most diverse, you shouldn't underestimate anything: tomatoes, potatoes, vinegar, baking soda, beer, alcohol, perborate, lemon, salt ...
The ingredients just mentioned can be combined with each other or used individually. For example, a mixture of coarse salt and lemon juice replaces a powerful degreasing product.

  • For degreasing tools

Fat accumulated in the pans can be easily removed with a potato; just cut it in half and peel it and add some baking soda on top. For the procedure you will simply have to rub the potato on the pan in correspondence of the fat, as if it were a sponge. To finish you will then have to rub the pan with half of a lemon and rinse. You will see what a result.
To get a good result, as you rub the potato, cut the upper part that remains impregnated with fat, always applying bicarbonate: it is the combination of the two ingredients that removes the fat

  • To sanitize utensils

Alcohol can be used as a natural disinfectant. Rather than using it for the use of kitchen utensils, alcohol is indicated for disinfecting worktops. Not only pure alcohol but also pure vodka and leftovers of other super spirits. The only precaution required lies in the method of use: alcohol should not be used to clean surfaces soiled with food but only to disinfect surfaces that do not have organic residues.

  • To eliminate food residues in pots

In this case it will be sufficient to get a tea bag and rub it on the area where the dirt has deposited. Finish the operation by rubbing the entire pot with half of a lemon.

To remove the fat from the outside of a pan, you will need to prepare a mixture consisting of 5 tablespoons of baking soda and a liter of water. Put the mixture in a larger pan and put the pan to be treated in it. At this point, boil the mixture for 30 minutes; the remains of fat will go away easily, without further effort.

For further information, please refer to the article "Recipes for making detergents at home"

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