Toulouse goose, agricultural type and industrial type

Toulouse goose, agricultural type and industrial type

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L'Toulouse gooseis famous for the production ofpate de foi gras, a paté obtained from its large liver that can weigh up to one kg. As well as the typical dish that is prepared with its liver, also theToulouse gooseis originally from France, exactly in the south-east of the country.

The first specimens ofToulouse goosewere exported to England and America around 1840. It is in this period that theToulouse goosebegan to arouse strong interest and moreindustrial: some breeders began a series of selections to improve their size and shapes. To determine the forms ofToulouse goosewere mainly English breeders, although when it comes to this poultry breed it must be specified that there are two variants, theindustrial Toulouse gooseand theagricultural Toulouse goose.

In both types the plumage is close to the body and very abundant. Other similarities between the industrial and agricultural types reside in the intense orange beak and the eye with a dark brown iris that has an orange central line.

Industrial Toulouse Goose

L'industrial Toulouse goosesees the male reach to weigh up to 10-12 kg and the female reaches the tonnage of 9-10 kg. With this size, the typeindustrialit is undoubtedly one of the largest breeds of geese in the world.

L'Toulouse gooseof typeindustrialmoreover, it presents a series of peculiarities such as the bib, the keel and the baleen.

Therebibit is a skin fold placed under the chin, looking at it it almost looks like a wattle resembling the double chin of the most plump human beings!

The keel is the anterior part corresponding to the sternum, it is very pronounced compared to the other geese and protrudes from the lower part. Finally, the double baleen is a cutaneous duplication placed on the belly.

Agricultural Toulouse goose

L'Toulouse gooseof typeagriculturalit is a few kilograms smaller than the industrial type. The agricultural type is completely devoid of wattle (the typical bib placed under the chin). It has a less developed keel and has only one baleen.

The coloring of the Toulouse Goose

The most common and well-known color is gray, however they also existgeese of Toulousewhite in color and the very rare fawn variety.

How to raise the Toulouse Goose

L'Toulouse goose it has a very docile character, moreover, due to its size and poor motility, it can bebredeven in small enclosures.

L'Toulouse gooselays a fair amount of eggs per year, the average is 50 - 60 white-shelled eggs weighing 170 grams. The growth of chicks is very slow compared to other breeds ofgeese, just think that it takes 2 years to reach full maturity. The chicks ofToulouse goosethey must be fed with high protein foods such as specific feed for palmipeds with high percentages of soy. L'Toulouse gooseneeds a lot of care even in adult life: thebreeding of the Toulouse Goosenot recommended for beginners.

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