Cleaning the oven, instructions to do it effortlessly

Cleaning the oven, instructions to do it effortlessly

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Clean the ovenit is not a pleasant activity at all, however ... what do you say? We have to…! On this page we will seehow to clean the oven. Those looking for specific notions on cleaning the microwave oven can take advantage of the information contained in the articleHow to clean the microwave.

On the market there are specific products for cleaning the oven but it's best not to trust chemical cleaners for to clean surfaces that come into contact with food! This is why I recommend that you always clean the sink, the kitchen, the hob, the oven and the refrigerator with natural ingredients.

This article is not the first we dedicate to cleaning the oven, therefore, to learn more about the topic, you can read the guide:how to clean the oven naturally. Below are other tips and goodies on how to clean the oven, eliminate bad smells, clean the oven glass (even when it is dirty inside the double glass!) and disinfect it.

Clean the oven with lemon

Those looking for a "natural degreaser" suitable for any surface (apart from marble!) Can take advantage of the degreasing properties of lemon. Lemon juice is great for removing oil residues or grease stains, on the contrary, you can split a lemon in half and use the two parts to rub directly on the internal surfaces of theoven. For more information, please refer to the articleHow to degrease the oven.

Clean the oven with baking soda and salt

A good natural disinfectant and descaler can be made with baking soda and salt. Take a cup of salt and one of baking soda, mix the two ingredients well and add a cup of water to mix. With this mixture it is possible to disinfect the oven and scrape the food residues stuck on the internal walls of theoven. With a clean cloth, spread the natural detergent on the surface to be treated, let it act for about an hour and then rub it with a sponge until everything is washed off.

How to clean the encrusted oven in a natural way

When the oven is very encrusted, maybe even for years because you have just rented a new house and the old tenants did not stand out for good hygiene ... You can clean it effortlessly by exploiting the natural properties of some ingredients, primarily baking soda, salt, lemon and vinegar. Here's how you need to proceed:

  • - 1. In a pan, add 2 cups of water and 2 cups of white wine vinegar. Heat the mixture and when it starts to evaporate, transfer it to the oven pre-heated to 180 ° C.
  • - 2. Let most of the liquid evaporate, then take out the pan and let the oven cool.
  • - 3. When the oven has cooled down, continue cleaning with the natural descaler based on bicarbonate and salt.

The above method is also very useful for cleaning the oven glass.

If the oven deposits aren't that old, you can get rid of them with a simpler and more effortless method:
Pass a sponge soaked in pure vinegar on the oven walls. To help you, you can warm the oven by heating it to about 30 - 35 ° C. Excellent natural remedy not only to clean the oven but also to sanitize it and eliminate bad smells.

A similar method can be implemented with lemon juice. I recommend using lemon if you also want to eliminate unpleasant odors in the oven together with cleaning.

  • - 1. Pour two equal parts of water and lemon into a pan.
  • - 2. Bake for about 15 minutes at maximum temperature, then turn off.
  • - 3. The steam that adheres to the surfaces of the oven will simplify the cleaning job that you will have to complete by rubbing a cloth soaked in the remaining water on the oven walls.

How to clean the drip pan in the oven

The dripping pan is thatbaking sheetwhich, generally, is present among the oven accessories at the time of purchase.

The baking tray is not an expensive accessory, a new one can be bought with a budget between 12 and 30 euros. The cheapest models are the “compatible” or “universal” ones, the more expensive models are those produced and marketed by the same manufacturers of the ovens, namely: whirlpool, ariston, smeg, ignis, electrolux by rex…. Despite the accessibility of this purchase, I recommend that you buy a new drip pan only if yours is chipped and scratched, if it is only encrusted you can recover it!

Here is a “little trick” to eliminate even the most stubborn encrustations and burns on your dripping pan.

You will need some coke and a brush.
Yes, the acidity of coca cola (very harmful to the stomach) is very useful for dissolving even the most stubborn burns. How to proceed?

  • Take the dripping pan out of the still cold oven halfway.
  • Cover the encrustations with a glass or two of coke. Burnt and encrusted foods will have to be completely submerged in the cola.
  • Insert the dripping pan (with the cola) completely in the oven.
  • Turn on the oven at maximum temperature and wait a couple of minutes. When you notice some steam. Turn off the oven, put on kitchen gloves, hold a soft bristle brush and remove any burn residue.

With a few small tricks, this remedy is very useful for recovering steel pots now with a burnt bottom. For all instructions: how to clean burnt steel pots.

Coke is a great rust remover, so in addition to clean the oven he can also help you with other household chores.

To work less in thecleaning the oven, remember to remove all residues each time after use, when the oven is still warm. To avoid having to degrease the dripping pan every time, remember to line it with baking paper or with special reusable baking mats. The oven mats do not become soaked in oil so they do not dirty the dripping pan (as does baking paper) and can be washed in the dishwasher.

How to remove the most difficult encrustations

In case of persistent encrustations, it is possible to use an ad hoc detergent. In this context, pay attention to your choice: most detergents on the market are very aggressive. This means that not only are they bad for your health and that of the environment, but they risk leaving equally persistent residues in the oven. With heat, these residues will end up on the food you eat.

The ideal would be to use an effective product that is organic and biodegradable (which spontaneously deteriorates in a short time). The product in question is called "Twister" by Franke. It is non-abrasive and has pros and cons. I would like to point out this product to you because it was personally tested by me for cleaning my oven. He managed to remove food encrustations that not even the pyrolytic cleaning function was able to eliminate!

Among the advantages I tell you right away that it is easy to use: just wet the sponge supplied with water and pass it on the surfaces of the oven. As I have already told you, it is an organic and natural product, free of harmful or abrasive substances. In its field it is quite versatile because it can be used on:

  • cast iron
  • shiny steel
  • brushed / satin steel
  • oxidized surfaces
  • stainless steel
  • classic steel

Among the cons: the supplied sponge becomes immediatelygray / black, so it should be washed often. The product has a fresh lemon smell, not bad when I consider that all the products tried in the past had a terrible pungent smell.

Another disadvantage, the instructions are only in German, but as stated, the use is simple: just rub the sponge on the surface to be treated! I know that on the product sheet it is not written that it is "biodegradable" but on the purchase package it reads clearly:"Umweltfreundlich und biologisch abbaubar!"What does it mean “Ecological and biodegradable.

Before buying it I thought that another disadvantage was the price (a 125 ml jar on Amazon can be bought with 15.99 euros and free shipping costs), however I found that it has an excellent yield because it requires a very thin layer of product to clean quite large surfaces. Use little product not only for the high yield but also to make the final rinsing operation easier.

For all information, I refer you to the Amazon product sheet: Frake Paste for cleaning and polishing.

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