The characteristics of the parquet

The characteristics of the parquet

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Theparquetauthentic (and not laminate or faux parquet) is a floor that respects the environment as it is made of a sustainable and fully recyclable material.

Characteristics of the parquet

Wood is a customizable material, in fact the parquetcan have a large number of finishes; the price of the parquet depends on a large number of factors: type of wood, type of parquet (if supported, industrial or solid ...), thickness, finish ... It has excellent durability and resistance to wear, guarantees good performance under mechanical stress and vibrational, it is an excellent one thermal insulator and acoustic. Paying attention to the moment of choice, it is possible to prefer a parquetthat can be restored and brought to new through polishing and sanding.

In the articlehow to choose the parquetwe told you about the different ones types of parquet,below we will give a brief overview.

  • Faux parquet or laminate flooring

Laminates or melamine are floors that exploit the existence of melamine resins applied to their surface. These are not wooden floors but have aesthetic characteristics that refer to the classic parquet.

THElaminated parquetare constructed with wood-derived support materials such as chipboard, MDF or HDF.

  • Industrial parquet

The laminated parquet or industrial parquet is made up of small, high-strength wooden slats that are glued vertically next to each other to create blocks. This type of parquet is not free from defects and has the particularity that once laid it must be sanded, grouted and finished. It can be sanded several times over time so it is recommended in children's rooms or in areas with high traffic.

  • Pre-finished or supported parquet

It is made of two or three layers of wood but only the surface layer is made of solid wood. The pre-finished parquet can count on a surface layer that has already been finished (sanded and painted), therefore ready for installation (installation). The lowest layer is called support and acts as a base for a solid wood layer (noble wood), it is practical and cheaper thansolid wood parquettraditional.

  • Solid parquet or solid parquet

This is theparquetpar excellence, it consists of alathsolid wood. The entire thickness of the strip is given by "noble wood". Usually, the installation must be glued or interlocking and the solid wood is sanded and painted at the time of installation.

Better apre-finished or solid parquet?
The choice between aparquet streakedor asolid parquetcan be done considering the fundamental differences between these floor types:

  • The pre-finished parquet is laid in a short time and can be walked on after only 24 hours.
  • The solid parquet, between installation and finishing, needs about thirty days to be walked on.
  • Solid parquet (in noble or solid wood) is more customizable, it is indicated if you want a personalized or particular finish.
  • The pre-finished is indicated if you intend to install a floor heating system.
  • Solid parquet is perfect for those who want to choose a 100% natural floor, free of glues and only in noble wood.

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