How to choose chocolate, the guide

How to choose chocolate, the guide

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Who doesn't like the chocolate? There are very few people who do not like this heavenly food. The chocolate however it can be of poor quality, this depends on the bad raw material and the lack of accuracy with which the processing processes from the beans were carried out.

In commerce it is found chocolate of medium quality and high quality chocolate, it is difficult to market that of low quality, containing oils or fats other than cocoa butter. In any case, to choose a good product you have to start from the label, paying attention to what is written on it. In this regard, we will show you how to choose chocolate by giving you all the useful information.

How to choose chocolate, the instructions

  • It must contain at least 60% cocoa
  • There must be no synthetic aromas: the presence of vanilla extract or other natural extracts is good for flavoring chocolates
  • They must not contain hydrogenated vegetable fats
  • It must not contain added sugars
  • It must not creak between your teeth
  • To the touch it must be smooth and velvety, but also when it melts in the mouth
  • There should be no whitish oozes of cocoa butter on the surface.

How to store chocolate
The best temperature to store and enjoy chocolate is between 18 and 20 degrees centigrade. To best preserve the chocolate bars, just wrap them in aluminum paper then in cling film. If whitish spots appear on the surface, the chocolate is still good, but you are storing it poorly: the white spots are the result of the chocolate being exposed to humidity, its main enemy!

At the time of purchase: fair trade or zero km chocolate?
Another aspect that we can evaluate in the choice of our chocolate is that the product is fair trade, that is, that it contributes to bringing jobs to developing countries. This aspect is sometimes in contradiction with the zero kilometer product, which must be produced as close as possible to home, but in these cases it is up to us to choose which aspect to give priority to.

Can vegetarians and vegans consume chocolate?
Of course, just pay attention to the label, especially for those who have chosen a vegan diet, the first indication to check is whether or not the chocolate contains powdered milk.

What if our chocolate contains palm oil?
Obviously rejected the presence of palm oil! Not for a matter related to the presence of animal derivatives, but for the impact that this ingredient has on some areas of our Earth and on some animal species. Manufacturers who have chosen not to use this type of fat usually clearly indicate it in the ingredient list or on the back of the package.

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