Parquet, how to clean it best. All instructions

Parquet, how to clean it best. All instructions

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Parquet, how to clean it: a guide that will explain how to clean parquet with easy-to-find and natural ingredients.

A floor inparquet it is very elegant but requires a good amount of maintenance, especially if it comes to parquet solid wood, made entirely of noble wood. Those who want to avoid the use of chemicals and clean in complete safety, without damaging theparquet, can point to a large number of natural methods for clean it.

Parquet - how to clean it: the electrostatic force
The simplest method forclean the parquetit consists in passing a simple dust-catching cloth; the trade is not lacking in electrostatic rags ready to retain dust and dirt and give us back aparquetclean.

The Swiffer mop
In the photo above, the swiffer brush proposed on Amazon is shown at a price of 17.91 euros with free shipping included. It is a light and easy-to-use broom which, in its terminal part, has a plate capable of holding electrostatic cloths that retain dust and remove dirt with ease.

Essential oils can be added to the swiffer cloths, perfect for disinfecting the home in a natural way. Essential oils can act as a natural disinfectant and will leave a pleasant scent on the floor. Among the essential oils most suitable for disinfecting we recommend tea tree oil.

Parquet - how to clean it: the traditional method
The traditional method forclean the parquetrequires simple ingredients such as alcohol (better to use cooking alcohol and not red alcohol! Cooking alcohol, although more expensive, is much more delicate and does not risk damaging the parquet), water and a couple of soft cotton rags.

This parquet cleaning should be done after sweeping the floor. In a bucket, add four liters of water and two cups of cooking alcohol; also in this case, to enhance the disinfectant action of alcohol, add a couple of drops of essential oil. Soak a cloth in water and wring it well before wiping it all over the parquet. As an alternative to the rag, you can use the classic mop, the important thing is that it is well wrung out, the parquet does not like water.

After the first phase, with a second soft and dry cloth, dry the floor. If in addition toclean ityou also want to polish the parquet, we refer you to our guide article on how to polish the parquet in a natural way and without agents that risk ruining the finish of your parquet.

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