Thermal Account, the interventions that can be financed

Thermal Account, the interventions that can be financed

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TheThermal Accountprovides incentives for the purchase of high efficiency systems and plants for the production of thermal energy from renewable sources.

So far we have talked about theThermal Accountonly in relation to the incentives paid for the purchase of pellet stoves, fireplaces and other biomass heating systems. In fact, thethermal accountit embraces a much wider range of incentives and those provided for buying stoves and heating systems are just the tip of the iceberg. Let's see in detail what are the interventions that can access the incentives provided with thethermal account.

What are the interventions that can benefit from the thermal account?

  • Installation of solar thermal collectors
  • Installation of solar thermal collectors associated with solar cooling systems
  • Replacement of electric water heaters with heat pump water heaters
  • Replacement of implantswinter air conditioningyou hateheatingexisting greenhouses and existing rural buildings with winter air conditioning systems equipped with a biomass-powered heat generator
  • Replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems with winter air conditioning systems equipped with heat pumps, electric or gas, using aerothermal, geothermal or hydrothermal energy.

Thermal account and purchase of pellet stoves

We have explored this topic several times, explaining how to buy a pellet stove or a thermo fireplace benefiting from the thermal account. This topic can be explored in the following pages:

  • How the thermal account works
  • How to access the thermal account
  • Thermal account, the legislation

Thermal account and purchase of heat pump water heaters

Who intends to buy oneheat pump water heateron the one hand it will benefit from the energy savings obtained by the system and on the other hand it will benefit from thethermal account. Just as with the incentives paid on the purchase of a pellet stove or a wood-burning fireplace, even when it comes to incentives to buy a heat pump water heater, the benefit is granted only in view of a replacement. The heat pump water heater should not be added to what you already have at home but will have to replace an existing electric water heater.

The incentives provided by thethermal accountwill be disbursed in just one year if theheat pump water heateris less than 150 liters, while if it is higher than this figure, the incentive will be paid out with two installments spread over two years.
The maximum value ofincentive to buy a heat pump water heater varies and touches a maximum of 400 euros if the heat pump water heater has a capacity of less than 150 liters, while the maximum incentive cap is 700 euros for those who buy an electric water heater with a higher capacity to 150 liters.

Thermal and solar thermal account

Thermal solar panels allow the production of domestic hot water and hot air, however, if this solar collectors are associated with a system ofsolar cooling, solar thermal is also able to take care of the summer climate control of the home with the production of cold air. TheThermal accountproposes incentives both for the purchase of simple solar collectors and if these are associated with a solar cooling system.

In order to access thethermal account, the solar system must not exceed a total gross area of ​​1000 m2. L'incentive it is paid in two years for solar thermal collectors with a gross surface area of ​​less than 50 m2, while the quotas will be 5 (divided into as many years), if the solar thermal collector has a gross surface area between 50 m2 and 1000 m2.

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