How to dry porcini mushrooms

How to dry porcini mushrooms

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How to dry porcini mushrooms: a guide that will explain how porcini mushrooms dry naturally, in the oven or in the dryer.

Not all mushroomsare suitable fordrying. Fortunately, the most suitable varieties are iporcini mushroomsand the black boletus. When you decide to dry your mushrooms make sure you treat one of these varieties to get the best result:

  • Horn of plenty, also known as a dead trumpet
  • Boleto dei pini, also known as Brisa mora
  • Boleto appendiculated
  • Gambesecche, also called Marasmio oreade
  • Porcino
  • Black porcino

L'dryingis a traditional method forpreserve the mushrooms. L'drying of mushrooms allows you to preserve the aroma and taste. Before you seehow to dry porcini mushrooms, remember that any type of fungus, before starting the drying procedure, must not be washed but only cleaned of soil residues in a meticulous and delicate way. Before drying the mushrooms, they must not come into contact with water.

The porcini mushrooms drying procedure is similar to that seen in the articleHow to dry mushrooms.

Fordry the porcini mushrooms, more and more people are choosing to buy a cheap dryer. The price for a domestic dryer can vary from 40 to over 300 euros; for example, a 550W DCG Eltronic Dryer is priced at 56.47 euros while a Biosec Domus B5 Dryer with Dryset Pro program that allows you to reduce energy consumption, has a price of 157 euros, and it is not even the most expensive of the range but probably the one with the best value for money.

Fordry the porcini mushroomsin the dryer you just need to clean them, cut them and put them in the special baskets. Once the dryer is closed, it will be necessary to choose the temperature and times or start the program preset by the manufacturer as reported in the user manual.

How to dry porcini mushrooms in the oven
Those who try their hand at drying fruit and vegetables only once a year can use the oven!

Remove the metal pan and place the mushrooms cut and ready to dry on top. If the sections are too small and the meshes of the pan too loose, you can cover the pan with baking paper. The use of baking paper is also recommended to avoid annoying adhesions between the mushroom section and the pan.

Arrange themushrooms to be driedleaving each of them enough space: do not fill the pan more than impossible, otherwise drying will not take place properly! The air must circulate easily between the various sections of mushrooms that must not be stacked on top of each other.

Fordry the porcini mushrooms in the oven, it would be better to use the “Ventilated” function.

Leave the oven door open about 5 centimeters, set a temperature between 35 and 45 degrees according to the thickness of your sections. Leave to dry, remembering to mix the mushrooms every 20 minutes. Once you have verified the complete dehydration of the mushrooms, retract the pan and let it cool. Store i dried porcini mushroomsin an airtight jar.

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