Photovoltaic module with double glazing

Photovoltaic module with double glazing

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The market proposals in the sector are increasingly numerousBIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic, in Italian architecturally integrated photovoltaic systems); among the latest arrivals we point out a photovoltaic module with double glazing which allows you to combine the production of electricity with a wise use of natural lighting.

Thanks to this particular type of "frame" it is possible to reduce the use of artificial lights and benefit fromsolar power.

A "photovoltaic window"Of this kind becomes particularly useful in the installation of vertical facades where it is able to guarantee a double layer of thermal insulation (thanks to an air gap that can have a variable thickness and optimized for the circumstances) and the perfect architectural integration of the modules photovoltaic.

Thanks to the versatility of the air chamber, the photovoltaic module with double glazing it is suitable for installation on windows and architectural walls of particular value. THE photovoltaic modules with double glazing described in this article, are produced by the companyBrandoni Solare and do not need alandscape clearance.

The photovoltaic module architecturally integrated, they are designed to be inserted into the building structure of a building, totally balancing the technical and aesthetic aspects of the installation photovoltaic with those of the context in which it is placed.

In the case ofphotovoltaic modules with double glazing,the cells on which the sunlight is directed are positioned parallel to the glass with a degree of transparency that can be varied according to the customer's choice, in this way, the occupants of the building can take advantage of natural sunlight, as happens for the glass brick photovoltaic coatings. In addition, thephotovoltaic module with double glazing Brandoni Solare was designed to contribute to obtaining theenergy certification.

The organization of a photovoltaic module with double glazing

Thephotovoltaic module with double glazingit can be customized in terms of sizing, thickness, transparency, power and level of thermal insulation. The safety and performance of thephotovoltaic moduleare also ensured, among other things, by a wide variety of offers obtained by assembling different types and thicknesses of glass. In this way it is possible to foresee a large number of applications.

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