How to get rid of rust stains

How to get rid of rust stains

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Generally, when we find ourselves with a garment stained with rust, we immediately tend to think that we have to throw it away because it is really impossible to remove it. But how to remove rust stains?
Even stubborn stains such as rust stains can be effectively eliminated with the use of ingredients readily available at home; all we need are fine cooking salt and plenty of lemon juice.

How to get rid of rust stains from fabrics

  1. Take the garment to be stained and put a white cloth underneath (on the reverse side), in correspondence with the stain
  2. Put the fine salt directly on the rust stain and sprinkle with plenty of lemon juice, rubbing lightly with your fingers
  3. At this point, place the garment treated in the sun for an hour: if it is white or delicate garments, do not leave the garment treated with salt and lemon for too long in the sun, as it could be irreparably exchanged. In summer, it is preferable to expose the treated garment to the sun by 10:00 or 18:00 onwards
  4. Once you have spent the hour in the sun, wash your head as usual. If the stain persists, try repeating the treatment several times

Useful information: it should be noted that this operation is particularly effective on resistant fabrics such as cotton, especially if dyed with delicate colors; for all other fabrics, especially delicate ones, it is preferable to experiment on a hidden and not visible part of the garment. If it is an expensive garment, perhaps it is appropriate not to risk it and take the garment directly to a professional laundry.

How to get rid of rust stains, prevention
The culprit of rust stains is usually the washing machine but they can also be caused by the laundry lines - in both cases, you can prevent rust from forming. Rust forms in the washing machine due to the limescale present in the water, as well as due to some particularly aggressive chemicals. At this point, to keep your appliance healthy, you can regularly use a specific descaler for washing machines at each wash or in any case periodically. There are different types on the market, both in powder and liquid form. In any case, we recommend reading the article "Do-it-yourself limescale remedies"

When you go to hang the clothes, make sure that the laundry lines are not made of materials prone to rust, but insulated on the outside with soft plastic. If you notice the presence of rust, remove the wire and avoid contact with the cloths, and immediately replace it with a new one.

- Rust stain remover

It is undoubtedly the most effective remedy forremove rust from fabrics. There are several products on the marketrust stain for the fabrics. As references we point out the most popular one, the Smakkia Ruggine Parodi proposed on Amazon at a price of about 10 euros including shipping costs. It is a stain remover for fabrics specially formulated to eliminate rust and streaks left by the iron.

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