Natural remedies against aphids and cochineal

Natural remedies against aphids and cochineal

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Natural remedies against aphids and cochineal: from Pyrethrum to DIY pesticides. All the solutions to eliminate aphids and cochineal in a natural way.

THE pesticide treatments they are essential for the health of the vegetable garden and garden. If you are looking for something specific to eliminate aphids, I invite you to read:Aphids, remedies.

The main purpose of the treatments for plants should be to prevent the appearance of unwanted guests of various types, from aphids to plant lice, from larvae to cochineal ... the treatments should be carried out as a preventive measure also for all fungal diseases that can ruin the crop.

So, in first place of ours care there should be preventive treatments. Pesticides are used to treat the plant if the infestation is already in place, however, for future experiences, we recommend that you perform preventive treatments. Natural remedies may be more effective in prevention than cure. The recipes that we will see below can be useful for treating infestations in its initial stages but for full-blown infestations, careful assessments must be made.

On the market, it is true, we find a wide range of pesticides but they can be harmful to both humans and the environment. If the infestation is in its early stages, it would be better to resort to natural remedies with self-production at home! You would save money and pollution! In this regard we will illustrate you how to prepare pesticides natural especially useful against cochineal and aphids.

These natural pesticides can be prepared with simple and easily available products at home, let's talk about alcohol, Marseille soap, vinegar ...

Natural remedies against aphids and cochineal

After you have manually removed the infected parts, you can intervene with one of these two natural remedies to eradicate residual parasites.

Even if they don't prove to be as effective as the pyrethrum, natural insecticide broad spectrum, we advise you to try them because they will still leave the biological balance that has been created in your garden unchanged over the years. The ingredients that we recommend, in fact, unlike the pyrethrum, they will not kill all the insects in the garden. Thedo-it-yourself pesticides they work as repellants. Trying them costs you nothing!

Eliminate aphids and cochineal withfood alcohol at 90 °

Preparation: dilute about 400 ml of alcohol in 1 liter of water.

Use: it is very effective against aphids, especially if sprayed directly on insects in the hours of maximum sunshine. Repeat the treatment 3 times, every two days. In the presence of particularly delicate plants, it is advisable to test the product first and if it is necessary to move this operation in the evening, to avoid leaf burns.

Eliminate aphids and cochineal with theMarseille soap

Preparation: in liquid form, dilute 20-30 cc of Marseille soap in a liter of water. In the case of Marseille soap in solid form, add 80 grams of Marseille soap in flakes (cut it!) And let it dissolve in a liter of water. If the weather is cool, you will have to wait as much as 20 days for the soap to dissolve completely.

Use: it is particularly suitable against cochineal, as its insecticidal action consists in obstructing the respiratory organs of these parasites. But it can also prove effective against other parasites. Also in this case it is better to hit the insects directly, administering the remedy in the evening hours. If it is necessary to repeat the operation 2-3 times every 3-5 days.

To have an even more effective effect against cochineal, try mixing these two remedies using them every other day.

PLEASE NOTE: make sure you buy soap with completely natural components, perhaps in herbalist's shops, as there are often fake Marseille soaps, rich in petroleum derivatives, on the market. The best would be to make Marseille soap at home. In this regard, we refer you to reading the guide article: "How to make Marseille soap".

Remedies against aphids and cochineal: mineral oil

L'mineral oilis used asinsecticide broad spectrum. It is obtained from the fractional distillation of crude oil and can be compared toparaffins(synthetic waxes), in fact similarly belong to the aliphatic hydrocarbon compounds with high molecular weight.

This type of oil must be used according to the methods indicated on the label, usually it is a solution to be sprayed on the whole plant: when sprayed on infected plants, this product will create a sort of film that covering the mealybugs it will cause death by suffocation.

Where to find themineral white oil? In shops specializing in the sale of plant protection products or by taking advantage of online purchases. There are a large number of products on Amazon. For completeness I point out the page:White mineral oil on Amazon.

Mineral oil is an oil that manages to eliminate scale insects causing them to suffocate. Other insecticides are ineffective because the scale insects produce a protective substance that does not allow the penetration of classic contact insecticides. It can be used pure for the treatment of an infestation of mealybug or aphids in progress while it can be used diluted (dilution 1:50) with water in case of preventive treatment.

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