Homemade pomegranate jam

Homemade pomegranate jam

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Therehomemade pomegranate jamit is widespread in different variations, frompomegranate jamsimple to that enriched with apples and lemon.

The pomegranateit is a typical autumn fruit, early varieties can be harvested in late summer while the late ones go up to winter. Thepomegranateit is very tasty and rich in nutrients, it is counted among the foods that are good for the heart, it is suitable for those suffering from low blood pressure and appears in the list of anticancer foods. Many people avoid eating pomegranatefor the calorie content but it must be said that each grain is very light and in addition the edible part is minimal. Thecalories from pomegranatethey amount to 83 for every 100 grams of product.

In addition tohomemade pomegranate jam, another very popular derivative of this fruit is the juice: thegrenadineit is obtained by squeezing the seeds. It is better to consumehomemade grenadineas the one found commercially (which is also added to alcoholic cocktails) has little ofpomegranatebecause it is dictated by the combination of sugar solutions mixed with citrus juices, currants, raspberries and other aromas. The production of truthpomegranate juiceit is very costly because large quantities of raw material are required to produce the juice. Pomegranate juice is also used in cooking for the preparation of desserts or rustics, it is used as a condiment for traditional foods and to garnish meat or rice.

Homemade pomegranate jam

Before filling your glass jars, be sure to proceed with the correct sterilization as explained in the articleHow to sterilize glass jarsso as to prevent any risk of contamination and botulism.

In thisrecipe for pomegranate jamrather than letting you use thefruitpec, we invite you to take advantage of the properties of apples, excellent thickeners.

  • 2.5 l. of pomegranate juice
  • 1.5 kg of sugar
  • 5-6 fuji apples
  • 2 lemons

To get 2.5 liters of pomegranate juice you will need about 3.5 kg of grains. Preparing the ingredients is the longest part because shelling thepomegranatesit requires a lot of patience. The advantage is that the peels can be used to flavor sweet liqueurs.

Puree the pomegranate seeds with a vegetable mill and collect the juice in a large pot suitable for the stove. Cook the juice ofpomegranateover medium heat and in the meantime prepare the other ingredients:

-with a potato peeler remove the lemon peel, being careful to take only the yellow part. Press the lemons and collect the juice in a bowl.

- Apples do not need to be peeled, especially if they come from organic farming. Cut them into 4 wedges and remove the inedible parts. Cut the apples into smaller chunks. As you cut the apples, add them to the pomegranate juice while cooking.

-Add the lemon juice, sugar and lemon peels. Continue cooking over medium heat, stir occasionally with a wooden spoon. Only after an hour and a half of cooking, turn off, let it cool and puree the jam with an immersion blender. Finish cooking and when themarmaladewill have reached the desired consistency, finish and fill the jars.

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