Acai berries, the beneficial properties

Acai berries, the beneficial properties

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Acai berries, properties and contraindications. Expert opinions and where to find them.

Very similar to blueberries, the Acai berries they are small fruits that grow in clusters on the palm trees of the rainforest.

In recent times we hear more and more often about acai berries, much appreciated for the remarkable property nutritional. These berries, in fact, contain vitamins, mineral salts and polyphenols.

Since it is a highly perishable fruit, in Italy it is only available freeze-dried or in the form of supplements, juices and other derivatives.

Acai palm

The plant that produces theaçaí berries it is known asEuterpe oleracea. It is a palm that grows wild in Brazil and in many swampy areas of America. The acai palms are more than 25 meters tall and the pinnate leaves can measure even more than 3 meters. Theacai palm treesthey are grown for its fruits and for thepalm heart (palmito).

Acai berries, beneficial properties

Experts argue that the açaí berries they would be able to promote blood circulation thus protecting the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Thanks to the high fiber content the açaí berries they would have detoxifying properties useful for improving intestinal function and purifying toxins. The moderate intake of vitamin C would give the fruit anti-inflammatory properties and support the immune system.

Açaí berries provide various micronutrients, vitamins A, B, E and a fair amount of vitamin C. Mineral salts, phytosterols and a high content of dietary fiber.

Do Acai berries make you lose weight? The alleged slimming properties

The açaí berries they are appreciated all over the world for their slimming properties. In fact, there are no scientific studies able to state with certainty that the acai berries make you lose weight, however, they contain a high amount of fiber. The fibers are able to promote the sense of satiety and, in addition, the berries provide many amino acids that favor the proper functioning of the metabolism.

Considering Acai berries as a miracle fruit capable of weight loss is quite risky. In any case, they can be included, as supplements, in a low-calorie diet. Any supplement, only if taken in a balanced nutritional regime, is able to bring concrete benefits to the body, acai berries are no exception.

Acai berries for external use

Acai berries are used as the main ingredient in anti-aging creams and beauty products. Apparently, they would be able to delay the signs of aging, improve microcirculation and therefore the appearance and health of the skin.

For the propertyjust mentioned, acai berry-based supplements and massage oil are recommended by industry experts to combat cellulite and stagnation of liquids.

Acai Berries, where they are bought and how they are hired

The berries can be found in herbalist's shops and specialty stores. How to take acai berries? Powdered, with infusion preparations, capsules, supplements, oil ... The capsules and juice are rich in omega 3 and omega 6. Frozen pulp is also available on the market. The pulp is used for the preparation of a syrup.

The doses depend on the type of product you choose to take. In general, capsules and tablets should be taken twice a day for two months to benefit from an effective purification program.

The juice and pulp can be consumed once or twice a day but without exaggeration. The best product is the freeze-dried product as it keeps all the characteristics of the fruit unaltered without the addition of additives. As an alternative to the freeze-dried product (more difficult to take), choose 100% natural supplements, therefore without added gelatins.

Acai Berries - Where to find them

If you feel like trying theacai berriesto exploit the powerfulantioxidant propertiesand the allegedslimming properties, you can buy them in herbal medicine or in shops specializing in the sale of natural products and remedies.

Who does not disdain online purchases, can take advantage of the web buying and selling. On the web there are manystorethat offer packages and supplements based onacai berries.

On Amazon there are several suppliers that offeracai berries, among the available products we point out one 100% natural and therefore suitable for vegans.

For all the information on acai berry supplements, we refer you to the official Amazon page: Antioxidant fat burner in capsules.

We have reported this product because it has Vegan certification and is made following an environmentally friendly supply chain.

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