Strawberry tree, cultivation and advice

Strawberry tree, cultivation and advice

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Strawberry tree, cultivation: instructions on how to grow strawberry trees in pots or in the garden. From pruning to fertilizing, advice on the use of fruit.

Therecultivation of the strawberry treeallows us to giveflavor, color and joyin autumn.

Where to grow the strawberry tree? In pot or garden

To cultivate the strawberry tree, just choose a sunny and sheltered corner of the garden, alternatively, thecultivation it can also take place in pots, on the balcony or terrace, as long as there is not too much wind.

The plant tolerates wind well but there are many "side effects": the wind blows away the small delicate flowers and causes the small slender fruits to fall. Keep in mind that the strawberry tree is a very productive plant, therefore the fruits can "dirty" by falling.

Strawberry tree, evergreen plant

Thestrawberry treeit is among the evergreen garden plants that reach their peak in autumn: red fruits sprout in the green foliage and at the same time, white flowers gathered in clusters make a fine show of themselves. Its colors areWhite(some flowers), red (of the fruits) e green (of the foliage), not surprisingly, thestrawberry tree, at the height of the Renaissance, it became a symbol of united Italy as a tricolor flag.

Thestrawberry tree, Arbutus joiningit grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean scrub. It features beautiful evergreen foliage which is an ornamental element in all seasons.

Therecultivation of the strawberry treeit starts, therefore, both for ornamental purposes and for the cultivation of the fruits (the strawberry tree jam). With Arbutus uniting, the strawberry tree plant, it is possible to create colorful garden hedges. The plant, in fact, can be grown both in shrub and sapling form, it tolerates pruning well.

For the production of strawberry trees (the fruits) it is possible to organize themselves with deep and large vessels. This way it is possiblecultivate the strawberry treeon the balcony where it will become a graceful tree full of fruit.

Strawberry tree, cultivation

Thestrawberry treeit has a slow enough growth, for that, to start onecultivationwe recommend buying a potted plant, ready for planting. The most demanding who want abushwell developed they will have to orient themselves towards already adult and more expensive plants.

Strawberry tree, care

It prefers a sunny exposure, the plant loves mild climates, in fact in Northern Italy, to protect flowers and fruits, it is best to place it in a slightly sheltered position and not very exposed to the frosty morning frost of winter. It prefers a soil with a pH tending to acid.

Thestrawberry treeit resists drought very well, adult plants in the garden perfectly resist the hottest months of the year.

Strawberry tree, cultivation in pot

How to grow the strawberry tree in pots? First of all by choosing a deep and very large vase.

Thestrawberry tree it could be particularly elegant on the balcony, but only if grown with a sapling habit. Therecultivation of strawberry trees in potsit requires a few more tricks but it isvery feasible.

Pot size

The vase chosen forcultivate the strawberry treeit must be at least 40 cm deep and equipped, on the bottom, with a layer of expanded clay to ensure good drainage.

Forcultivate the strawberry tree in potsyou can employ delsoil for citrus fruitsor choose the one for azaleas, the needs are similar: having an acid pH, it offers the roots ofstrawberry treethe ideal conditions for optimal development.

Strawberry tree, irrigation

Although it is a very drought tolerant plant whengrown in pots it must be watered frequently: in summer it is necessary to water thestrawberry treeevery 3-4 days.

How to grow the strawberry tree

Tips for the cultivation of strawberry trees in pots and in the open ground:

Don't neglect to do a light pruning in spring to encourage flowering.

Secure one to the ground fertilization with a product rich in nitrogen and potassium to add to the irrigation water.

Where to buy a strawberry tree plant

Thearbutus plantsthey can be purchased from agricultural consortia and specialized nurseries or by taking advantage of the online purchase, at “this Amazon page” you will find different proposals and different varieties.

For example, a 1.5 m tall strawberry tree plant with a 20 cm diameter pot can be purchased for 18 euros with shipping costs included.The plant is suitable for growing in the garden and not in pots (it is a very productive arbutus from Salerno, the same variety that I grow in the garden, it is not a variety recognized nationally, simply in Salerno there is a place known as the "Path of the strawberry trees", popular for the abundance of these fruits since very sweet taste). For all information, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

In any case, feel free to choose the variety that best suits your growing needs.

Strawberry tree, fruits and flowers

Being an evergreen plant, it has a high ornamental value and, as a premise, can be grown for hedges or as an elegant little tree. The fragrant autumn flowers attract bees and butterflies; butterflies love to lay their eggs on the leaves while there are numerous birds that in the autumn period will visit your garden to feed on the fruits of thestrawberry tree.

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