VINNI: the 100% recyclable pizza carton

VINNI: the 100% recyclable pizza carton

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The 100% recyclable pizza box it is an Italian idea and could bring important benefits in separate collection as well as allowing us to enjoy our beloved take-away pizza with greater pleasure!

THE traditional cartons currently used by take-away pizzerias NOT they are indeed recyclable in the collection of paper as traces of pizza oil or other ingredients in the garnish make the cardboard non-recyclable. Considering that every year the consumption of take-away pizzas in Italy is estimated at 547 million, the waste of cardboard generated is evident.

Thus the entrepreneur Armando Rizzo he thought of creating VINNI, a 100% recyclable pizza box consisting of a PET "placemat" with raised sides that can be combined with a traditional cardboard which today is also often used as an advertising tool.

The underplate is made of PET, a non-toxic material perfect for staying in contact with food and maintain its fragrance allowing to enjoy the best pizza.

In fact, I think of how many times, eating my favorite pizza, the one with buffalo mozzarella, in the traditional cardboard box I found myself cutting "cardboard shreds" with the pizza, moistened by condensation and the oil of the pizza itself!

The VINNI underplate also ensures the advantage of "saving space" on the table because it can be used as a plate allowing you to immediately remove the cardboard This too for our family of 4 + guests would be a nice plus!

In addition, in winter, VINNI keeps the pizza hot for a longer time, improving thermal insulation: an advantage not to be overlooked when the scooter of the "trusted pizza maker" has to travel a longer distance to get to your home. :-)

VINNI also presents “4 lines” which facilitate the cutting of the pizza into 8 perfectly equal slices.

After you have finished enjoying our pizza, remove VINNI from the carton (if we have not done so previously), rinse it under water and throw it in the waste bin dedicated to plastic while the box, perfectly intact and clean, can be safely thrown away. in the card.

In the United States, where 3 billion pizzas are consumed a year (!), VINNI will probably also be appreciated by creatives who have come up with dozens of "crazy ideas" to recycle the pizza box which now finally remains perfectly clean!

Here is a video with some of these creative ideas that maybe you can get inspiration from too!

Video: The essentials of paperboard packaging ST (July 2022).


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