Vegan piadina in Milan

Vegan piadina in Milan

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There vegan piadina is an artisanal product made with a mixture without animal derivatives, while maintaining the typical taste of the traditional one piadina from Romagna.

TO Milan it is possible to taste it at Mastgood, in via Teodosio 44, an artisan piadineria opened by the brothers Adamo and Felice Mastrangelo who initiated this entrepreneurial challenge with the strength of the experience and secrets learned in Cesenatico, home of the Romagna piadina.

L'dough of vegan piadina it is made, as with the other traditional wraps available at Mastgood, with a flour that comes directly from Emilia Romagna and with water with the same organoleptic properties as the water of that region. In fact, the water of Milan would have been unsuitable in order to obtain a high quality product and at the same time with a taste and properties similar to that found in Romagna wraps.

There vegan piadina filling it is made with natural products such as tomatoes, aubergines, rocket, herbs and zucchini, without any animal derivatives.

Focusing on quality, taking on the related costs, competing with the many shops in the area that offer "industrial" products is an ambitious challenge, especially considering the list prices of Mastgood, definitely affordable for all budgets and in particular of students attending the area: la vegan piadina with zucchini, aubergines and tomatoes it only costs 4.50 Euros, the vegan piadina with aubergines, tomatoes and herbs it costs 4.60 Euros. However, it is possible to add additional ingredients for a few euro cents more.

The Mastgood also offers wraps with a dough gluten free, so as to satisfy the needs of those who are intolerant to this substance.

Also interesting is the idea of ​​"mini wraps”Ideal for a quick snack or for those who prefer small portions, saving at the same time 2 Euros compared to the standard-sized piadina.

Adamo and Felice's motto is "Love comes eating" which reflects their obsessive attention to the quality of the ingredients, all strictly "made in Italy".

The Mastgood is a small place but with a modern and comfortable furniture, set up for those who want to enjoy one piadina comfortably seated and with background music.

I also appreciated the installation of bins for separate collection of paper, plastic and aluminum: in fact, in most places, to save space, there is a single bin for all waste.

Very important is the relationship that Adamo and Felice create with their customers who, once they have tasted their delicious products, almost always become loyal customers.

The challenge to the industrial products of the Chinese-run fast food and bars in the area is launched: I cheer for Adamo, Felice and their super-wraps! :-)

What you are vegans or lovers of traditional piadina raw ham, squacquerone and rocket now you know where to find it also in Milan!

The interior of the Mastgood artisan Piadineria in Via Teodosio 44, in Milan

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