How to save on your gas bill

How to save on your gas bill

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All the tricks on how to save on your gas bill, identifying the most suitable rate for your consumption profile, also evaluating the offers on gas at a fixed price.

The first thing to do for save on your gas bill is to study your own carefully consumption profile. Just answer a few questions:

  • how many people live in the house?
  • what size is the house?
  • for what purposes is gas used?
  • in which city is the building located?

You need to know that change gas supplier and possibly of power electric it is possible, and if the expense is too high this is the first tip. On ours rate comparator all offers, joint or single, are compared with savings that, thanks to a particular promotion, can often be hundreds of euros.

A good idea might be to consider signing an offer with the price of the Energy Component frozen for one or two years: in this way we protect ourselves from changes in the energy market, which can affect the bill with a percentage of more than 50%.

The natural gas market is global and also international conflicts, such as the deterioration of relations between Ukraine and Russia, where the major oil pipelines to central and western Europe pass, can cause an increase in the price of gas: with the fixed price offers there are no surprises.

There are also some promotions - such as energy 3.0 by GDF SUEZ Energie - that limit the impact of the maxi-adjustments: the final adjustments are in fact spread over the following twelve months with equal amounts, so as not to oblige users to make a significant outlay.

How to save on your gas bill: good practices

For save on your gas bill and electricity, it is always a good idea to adopt behaviors and good practices that can improve energy efficiency. For example, it is useful to increase the thermal insulation of the house, with double glazing or thermal insulation, also taking advantage of the tax deductions and subsidized loans that very often accompany these operations.

In a home with good thermal insulation, radiators can operate at a lower temperature, increasing overall comfort. It is also advisable not to keep the heating on at night and not to overdo it during the day (one degree less saves about 6%).

Even in the kitchen you can file something: for example by using the lid more often on pots and pans, letting the cooking complete with the heat off or using the pressure cooker more often.

A complete summary of good practices can be found in our article: How to save on gas.

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