Wet waste collection becomes traceable

Wet waste collection becomes traceable

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At SMAU, the traveling information technology fair, the invention of an intelligent bin designed to trace the rubbish collection of the organic fraction, the so-called Forsu (organic fraction of municipal solid waste).

The box opens with a magnetic badge with RFId tag in the possession of authorized users only. Once closed, the electric lock is triggered, making it inaccessible to those without a card. At the same time, the data of the transfer (user name, date and bin code) are transmitted to a control unit that processes and stores them.

I remember years ago having lived as a reporter the heated controversies that arose around the introduction of the transparent bag for rubbish collection undifferentiated. There were those who claimed it was a violation of privacy because you could see the contents of the bags. And some municipalities banned them.

Now I expect something similar around a clever dumpster that lets someone know when someone else throws vegetable skins, or worse still, unwatchable mussel shells.

The point is that in 'visibility' lies the very principle of 'traceability': knowing what is thrown away, and possibly by whom, in order to intervene in the event of a violation of the rules. No one is stoned for putting something 'different' in the sack or dumpster, it just doesn't make a good impression. And this is a great deterrent.

The smart bin for the rubbish collection humidi was awarded the Smart Grid prize offered by SMAU for the 'intelligent' system it was equipped with. A system called JCO Tracer, uses the GPRS to put bins and operations center in communication, and was born from the collaboration between JCO Plastic of Battipaglia (manufacturer of plastic containers) and Vodafone (which in this case provided the connection technology).

The smart bin that tracks wet waste was engineered by JCO Plastic on behalf of SOELIA, the multi-service company of the Municipality of Argenta, in the Ferrara area, which is also the recipient of the award.

PS In Argenta, the administrators obviously know their stuff and have preceded the introduction of the smart bin by an experimental period with volunteer citizens. 500 families joined and the feedback was positive. Only after 30 other bins were introduced and the idea began to be extended to the initiative.

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