In view of Expo 2015, by bike from Turin to Milan

In view of Expo 2015, by bike from Turin to Milan

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In view of theExpo 2015 we could see the birth of a cycle project capable of interconnecting the metropolitan areas of Turin and Milan. The project should connect Turin and Milanthrough the preparation of towpaths of 5 irrigation canals in the Piedmont and Lombard plains, starting from the 82 kilometers of the Cavour canal route, built by the Count himself in the mid-nineteenth century.

To verify the feasibility of the project, a group of testimonials and cyclists will set off on two-wheeled pedals for a discovery tour. The departure is set for Friday 30 May and the goal to be reached is the exhibition area ofMilan. The initiative is entitled "4 days on two wheels - E (x) exploring along the Cavour canal from the Mole to the DuomoAnd sees the participation of various promoters, starting from the Po Park and that of Ticino and Lake Maggiore;

the initiative enjoys the institutional patronage of Italy Pavilion of the Expo, and will start on 30 May until Monday 2 June. The itinerary includes 4 stages of 50 to 70 kilometers each. The cycling tour will touch Santhià, Vercelli, Novara and all the municipalities that separate Piazza Castello (starting point) and the area ofExpo 2015.

Andrea Rolando, from the Milan Polytechnic, who worked on the project together with the Turin Polytechnic and his colleague Riccardo Palma, explains to colleagues at "The idea is to bring together territories that, paradoxically, have moved away with the arrival of the high-speed railway between Turin and Milan. As in a large Central Park, which has its backbone in the Cavour canal. We work on a horizon that starts from 1 November 2015, when the Expo will be over. With a project that wants to be the legacy of the great event for the area and aims to touch and involve those natural pavilions that exist before, will be there during and will remain after ".

Once completed, the proposed low-speed itinerary looks not only to Italy, but also to tourist incoming from abroad. "Why - as explained by Ippolito Ostellino, director of the Po Park and reported by colleagues at - the track could be included in the network of European cycle paths and could open up, in Italy, a type of offer that is very widespread in European countries, including neighboring ones, but which we struggle to establish itself. Even if it represents an important development path for the small local economy ".

Apparently, the project would like to be the backbone of what will be onesmart region: cyclists could even be guided through a gps application.

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