How to get rid of mites, natural remedies

How to get rid of mites, natural remedies

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In this articles we will see how to get rid of mites dust, small animals, invisible to the human eye, which creep into the bed, pillows and other similar places in our homes. They can pose a threat to humans as their presence can trigger allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

There are many types of sprays on the market that allow us to eliminate mites, but they are usually made with chemical ingredients that are potentially harmful to both our health and the health of the environment. Fortunately, nature comes to our aid to kill these little animals without harming the environment. Let's see in detail how to get rid of mites, using natural methods.

How to get rid of mites, natural remedies
Among the most effective natural solutions that allow us to eliminate mites in a green way, we find neem oil, a one hundred percent natural oil, which does not pollute the environment. It is particularly suitable for removing parasites, mosquitoes, insects of various types and even mites. For preparation, all you have to do is mix a few drops of neem oil in a liter of water and then spray this mixture directly on the mattress, sofa, cushions and other surfaces of the house with a dispenser.

How to get rid of mites, ultrasound emitter
Those who do not want to do it yourself with natural methods can opt for an anti mite ultrasound emitter. It is a truly innovative ecological device that inhibits the ability of mites to reproduce: gradually the mites will decrease in number until they disappear completely, again without resorting to chemicals.

How to get rid of mites, prevention
To prevent mites from proliferating within our four walls, it is necessary to follow adequate hygiene of all fabrics in the house:

  • Put the mattresses and pillows outdoors periodically and possibly under the sun's rays for a few minutes
  • Change the air conditioner filters every month if possible: they trap a lot of dirt over time
  • Even to simply dust, use a wet rag: it traps the mites rather than moving them from one side to the other
  • For floors, use an electric broom or a tool equipped with a HEPA filter: vacuum everything you need instead of lifting it and leaving residues
  • To always wash the floors take the mop, not the rag, so you don't have to wring it with your hands.

Ready-to-use acaricides

The use of acaricides, according to clinical observations, can be very useful. Acaricides are able to prevent allergies related to dust and mites present in the home environment, they are simple to use and also cheap. Among the acaricides on the market we point out the Inspired dust mite spray, on Amazon, a 500 ml bottle is offered at a price of 11.36 euros. Free shipping is offered for those who buy at least two. Each acaricide treatment offers protection for six months.

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