Mini hydroelectric in agriculture

Mini hydroelectric in agriculture

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The mini hydroelectric it is one of the multiple uses that can be made of irrigation water, to the advantage of agriculture penalized by energy costs also linked to the most modern water-saving technologies. The reasoning is interesting: using the water from the canals to produce the energy needed for the (rational) withdrawal of the water from the canals.

On the theme of mini hydroelectric as a resource for the agricultural world, the assoRinnovabili associations and ANBI, the national irrigation reclamation association, have started a work table after signing a historic memorandum of understanding. The purpose of the working group in the first phase will be above all to collect reports from the territory about the criticalities of relations with the various concession holders and the national electricity service operator.

Type implants mini hydroelectric o micro-plumbers fit well into the agricultural world because they find the best possible application in sites where on the one hand there is an energy need to be satisfied and on the other hand an availability of water flow, even limited as is typically the one of the channels destined irrigation.

In situations of this type, the exploitation of water for energy production with the mini hydroelectric it is not penalized by the environmental impact as is the case for large and medium-sized hydroelectric plants and does not even change the prevalent use of the waterway.

Furthermore, if in some cases it is a question of installing new systems mini hydroelectric of limited power, in others the exploitation of irrigation water or streams can be done simply by putting back into operation disused micro plants that perhaps once fed isolated blocks of flats. It is the revenge of the 'distributed generation' over the 'centralized generation', of great power and strong impact.

The micro power plants of type mini hydroelectric that may have a relevance in the production of energy that goes beyond the 'domestic' are systems with power ranging between 50 W and 50 kW and always with automatic regulation.

The plants of mini hydroelectric they can belong to the DC and AC categories and produce 24 V direct current or 220/380 V single-phase and three-phase alternating current.The limited power and automatic regulation give the operational advantage of facilitating plant management, also thanks to remote control and remote control systems .

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