Palm leaf plates for bio catering

Palm leaf plates for bio catering

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For the bio catering there are the dishes and the small crockery in leaves of Palm tree which are the best of the natural. Apart from the fact that they resist high temperatures and therefore can be used, for a short cooking time, even in the microwave or traditional oven, the dishes of leaves of Palm tree they are made with leaves that have fallen naturally from plants during their biological cycle. Obviously they are 100% biodegradable and compostable: after use they go to the humid fraction of the waste and will become organic soil for cultivation.

Bio catering, receptions, buffet lunches, it is now almost a must not to end up with greasy and polluting plastic bags to dispose of, but the natural alternative is not always up to par. With the palm leaves they can be done dishes and kitchen items that are also beautiful to look at as well as comfortable to use.

There Palm tree in our part, in Italy we mean, it is not the best known material for the realization of dishes biodegradable, but it is the most natural when considering the raw material and the almost zero impact of the manufacturing process in terms of polluting emissions.

First of all they are used leaves of Palm tree Areca, a very widespread variety and also appreciated as an indoor plant, and then only the leaves collected from the ground are used after falling naturally for normal physiological turnover. The Italian company Yegam works to spread these products.

How are i built? palm leaf plates? After being collected from the ground, the leaves of Palm tree they are immersed in water for about half an hour and brushed to remove soil residues and other impurities, then they are left to dry. At this point the dry and clean leaves are pressed with manual presses equipped with metal molds that give the desired shape. Drying follows, after which the edges are cut out by hand to give the final shape.

All products in leaves of Palm tree, not only i dishes, are completely natural, made by hand and in full and complete respect for the environment. There palm leaf it is water resistant, so it is suitable for use with any type of food. It is also heat resistant, which allows you to serve hot food.

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