Guide to green jobs

Guide to green jobs

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Guide to Green Jobs is the new edition of the book written by Gelisio Tessa and Marco Gisotti that tells how the environment is changing the world of work.

The book offers 125 cards dedicated to presenting the works offered in the following areas green: renewable energy, green chemistry, resources and waste, sustainable mobility, agri-food industry, eco-finance, green building, forests, territorial safety, green marketing and advertising, green fashion, natural well-being, environmental journalism and publishing, sustainable tourism.

The green economy revolution is definitely taking hold and is becoming an increasingly obligatory path: the reduction of waste and the environmental and social sustainability of production processes are in fact considered the key elements of the strategy to overcome the crisis, as also demonstrated by the growing number of citizens and customers who are oriented towards green companies and products.

In addition to an in-depth analysis of the various sectors of the green economy and the list of the 125 most requested green jobs, for each of which the training courses are described, the "Guide to green jobs" is enriched by more than fifty interviews with the protagonists of the transformation that is also affecting our country, and that could project it into the economy of the future.

A 510-page book full of ideas that is well suited as a gift or personal reading.

The digital version of the book is on offer for only 6.99 euros compared to the 16 euros for the paper edition: both can be purchased online.

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