Traveling green in Europe with iDBUS

Traveling green in Europe with iDBUS

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Travel smartly and in company. It is the proposal of iDBUS which thanks to its bus network connects Milan, Turin and Genoa to some of the most important and fascinating cities in France: Paris, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Nice.

With iDBUS travel by Coach ultramodern with reclining seats and 84 cm of space, free WI-FI, sockets to connect your smartphone, notebook or tablet, reclining table and courtesy light.

iDBUS is Green as the average fuel emissions per passenger decrease compared to those generated by a car trip and as the entire fleet of buses meets the Euro 5 criteria, the most stringent of those currently regulated by law in Europe.

iDBUS is cheap: a Turin Lyon ticket has a mini price of 29 Euros!

In addition there are discounts for group tickets: a family of 4 will pay only the cost of 3 tickets and will have the fourth free!

An advantage of traveling by bus with iDBUS compared to traveling by plane is to arrive in the center of the destination city and not in an airport located outside the city, with the consequent savings on the cost of transfer from the airport to the city.

The drivers of iDBUS they are chosen after a strict selection to guarantee the maximum safety. All drivers must have gained a proven experience driving buses and periodically attend refresher courses and simulations to enable them to deal with any unexpected.

The iDBUS brand is owned by the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF), National Society of French Railways, one of the main French public companies.

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