Urban gardens and surroundings

Urban gardens and surroundings

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There were vegetable gardens of war but they were another thing. Today the cultivation of the vegetable garden it is an increasingly widespread practice that responds to new needs: having good and healthy products, rediscovering the sensation of hands in the earth, conviviality and relaxation. And the urban gardens, a metaphor for a green that can also be outside the countryside, for example in the city on the balcony, in public green areas, in condominiums, at school or in the company. L'Urban garden it is a modern place where sustainability and social cohesion are cultivated.

A practice of Urban garden is thecompany garden. The phenomenon of corporate garden it originated in Silicon Valley (like the Internet, you think!) and is booming in the United States. In large companies such as Google, Toyota, pepsiCo, Kohl, Aveda, employees can devote themselves to the cultivation of organic vegetables and fruit in the green spaces owned by the company itself. It seems that it works: harmony, satisfaction level and sense of belonging to the company increase among collaborators, health is gained (exercise and healthy food), everyone is saved in some way (the harvest is consumed both by employees and house and in the company canteen).

Without getting to the social model of the phalanstery, which in Italy recalls illustrious precedents of past eras such as Il Borgo Olivetti or the Crespi d’Adda Village (an ideal late nineteenth century city born around the textile industry), theUrban garden it becomes social garden and responds to the self-sufficiency needs of a community of people that coincide from time to time with the staff of a company, the inhabitants of a block or the condominiums of a building.

Other declensions of Urban garden are the'condominium vegetable garden and theschool garden. A condominium vegetable garden for example, it is an integral part of the 'Villaggio 3.0' building project that will be built in Milan in the Lambrate district and will bring in the context of EXPO 2015 an example of contemporary living in respect of the environment, more economical and smart with home automation and more alive with large spaces and shared green areas. School garden is the experience of the Cooperation and Technology Forum active in the Municipality of Rozzano (MI) which has led to the creation of over 600 organic gardens in schools.

If you have never cared for a vegetable garden, don't worry, vegetable gardens… you become lovers. A good opportunity to start is the 'Gardens ... lovers become' event organized on 5 October 2013 in Milan at the Avanzi headquarters, the hub dedicated to sustainable businesses, in via Ampére 59. Interventions on innovative projects, experiences, testimonials and practical advice to obtain satisfactory results from garden care and also to seize new professional opportunities. They organize GreenPlanner Editions and Smart Garden.

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