The materials for mulching the garden

The materials for mulching the garden

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What are thematerialsbest suited to practice themulchof the garden? We all know that with themulchit is possible to protect the fertility of the soil and protect our crops from parasitic attacks, drought and weeds, however this practice is still not widespread and many doubts arise when trying to understand whichmaterialsuse for themulching the garden.

Theremulchit can be practiced all year round, following transplantation or when the plants have grown a few centimeters so as not to be damaged bymaterialsemployees. THEmaterialsuseful for themulchthey are numerous, there are various solutions on the market but rather than spend some pennies, we advise you to usematerialscommonly used and above all, free!

  • Freshly mown lawn grass
    The benefits of this materialare linked to its ease of use: just mow the lawn at home and distribute the grass in a very thin layer to prevent it from molding. It is able to control the growth of weeds and retains a lot of moisture, mowed lawn grass deteriorates quickly providing nourishment to the soil but for the same reason, the mulchwith fresh mowed lawn grass should be repeated several times during the plant growth cycle.
  • Straw
    Thismaterialit is excellent but optimal use sees it in combination with freshly cut lawn grass, even better if cut with a lawn mower because it is finer and easier to distribute. How to proceed? First spread a thin layer of fresh lawn grass, then immediately cover with a layer of straw. Theremulchgiven by these twomaterialsit's perfect! On the one hand, the soil is isolated (the plant is not likely to freeze or burn) and at the same time the soil is nourished for the long term.
  • Dry leaves
    Better if you use shredded.
  • Wood shavings
    When used for themulchmust be combined with straw and above all, themulchit must be followed by fertilization as the sawdust tends to subtract nitrogen from the soil.
  • Cartoons
    Crushed and preferably without dye.
  • Compost
    To be used especially in winter.

In commerce they are foundmaterialslike "mulch sheets" but better not to choose synthetic materials. Among the offers most compatible with the life of the garden are the sheets made of a particular ecological plastic made from corn.

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