How to grow leek

How to grow leek

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The leek, whose plant is formed by a bulb that is the natural completion of its narrow and flat leaves, is grown throughout the year, so it is always available fresh, but the main harvest takes place from October onwards. The leek it is a vegetable with a flavor that is between garlic and onion but with a less intense aroma than the latter, since it contains less of that volatile substance that makes the eyes water. Grow the leek it does not require special care, since it does not have the same needs as onion and it can also survive prolonged winter frosts. For the main crop, i leeks they must be sown in an open seedbed around the end of March, beginning of April in order to enjoy the harvest from September until the spring of the following year.

Cultivating leek, sowing
THE leeks they can be sown as we have said in any period therefore it depends on the period in which you want to harvest.
A first sowing is advisable in January to have a harvest at the end of August, after having transplanted them in April. In this case the sowing must be done under glass without forgetting to prepare a cold box with a mixture for seeds mixed with a little chalk or lime: it is not necessary to provide for a heating of the seedbed.
For the procedure it is sufficient to space the seeds about three centimeters from each other then sift a little soil over the seeds and compress it slightly. Finally, moisten the soil with a nebulizer, close the germination box with a glass and place a sheet of newspaper over the glass.
Towards the middle of March, the middle of March, you can begin to raise the glass plate above the germination box so that the air can begin to circulate freely and the seedlings can progressively acclimatize: in the hottest periods of the day you can remove the cover and then reposition it after a few hours.

Grow the leek, transplant
Once the seedlings have grown, it will be possible to transplant outdoors: the transplant can be done when they have reached a height of about 15 centimeters, but the last quarter of the leaves must be shortened with shears.
Prepare the soil carefully, making holes about 15 centimeters deep spaced about 25 centimeters on the same row: the rows must then be spaced by 40 centimeters.
The seedlings of leek they must be placed in the holes so that the upper part of the leaves is barely visible: this will facilitate the whitening of the stem of the leeks.
Be careful not to fill the holes with earth as this would compress the stem of the young plants, limiting their development.
After placing the seedlings in the hole, add just a little water which will be enough to dissolve the earth enough to keep the seedling in place: over time and with subsequent rains or watering the hole will tend to close naturally.

So if you want a fresh seasonal vegetable all year round, dedicate yourself to cultivation of leeks.

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