Clean metals with natural products

Clean metals with natural products

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Cutlery, jewelry, silver, copper, brass, gold, aluminum… there is no object of metal that cannot be clean and polished without risk to health with environmentally friendly natural substances and products, many of which are already in the home pantry. For clean metals no need for aggressive chemical detergents, almost all based on ammonia and sulfuric acid, and no need for gloves and masks to defend against toxic vapors and skin irritation. Let's see how.

For clean the metal of the municipalities cutlery just put a sheet of aluminum foil in a pan, cover it with 5-8 cm of water and add a teaspoon of salt and one of baking soda at the end. After boiling the water, the cutlery is completely immersed, boiled for 3-3 minutes, removed, rinsed and dried. Seeing is believing.

For the silver cleaning, especially for jewelry, half-cover a glass jug with aluminum foil, add a spoonful of salt and fill it with water. At this point the jewels are immersed and after 2-3 minutes they are rinsed and dried. Why this system of clean metals give good results, the jug must remain covered and protected from light.

For to clean copper is brass a mixture of lemon juice and salt is prepared, or for to clean these metals use a lemon wedge soaked in baking soda or hot white vinegar and salt. Hot tomato juice can also be used with excellent results.

Also to clean his majesty thegold without resorting to harsh chemistry is an easier challenge than you think. For example, a solution made of liquid Marseille soap with the addition of a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate is excellent. As for the others metals, even for gold objects must be rinsed and dried carefully after the operation cleaning.

For the cleaning of objects in aluminum you can use a preparation made of alcohol and olive oil in equal proportions, to be passed over the objects with a soft cloth. The alternative is simple sodium bicarbonate dissolved in hot water; newspaper can be used to dry. If the aluminum items are cookware, have them clean from any possible kitchen dirt they can be polished with lemon juice.

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