Building abuse, how to report

Building abuse, how to report

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Building abuse, how to make a report anonymously or with a registered signature. How to submit the complaint to the Police Headquarters, the Municipality and the Region.

How to report a building abuse

When we are faced with abusive urban havoc, the questions that can arise are many.Who should report a house built illegally? It is possible to make onecomplaint for building abusein anonymity? And again, what can we do to protect the area from building abuses?

Today we will give an answer to these questions because it is important to take action, especially for large overbuilding works. It is important to learn a recognize illegal houses so as to be able to make reasoned complaints.

Where a building abuse is reported

Those responsible forbuilding abusesthey are not the Carabinieri, nor the Police: forreport a building abuseyou have to contact the traffic police following an entire process.

Unauthorized building and land use

If land consumption continues in this direction, in the next 20 years, in Italy, the land area occupied by urban areas will grow by about 600,000 hectares. Doesn't this estimate scare you? Just think that in the Italian territory there are 6,400 square kilometers of land consumed every day. The most cemented region of Italy is Lombardy but most ofbuilding abusesoccurs in Campania.

Taking action is a must and on this page we will find out how to do one complaint for building abuse in anonymity or signed with your name.

How to report a building abuse

Before proceeding with thecomplaint, make sure that "the suspect"Is really responsible for an irregularity.

How to understand if a house is illegal

Find out about the area affected by thenew building construction,just go to the technical office of your municipality of residence to request the documentation relating to the urban plan.

With this documentation in hand, it will be easy to understand if that territory was buildable or not. Make a photocopy of the documentation shown by the technical office and study it carefully. Dwell on the areas that can obtain the building permit (building areas), on the cadastral divisions and possibly on the calculation of the building area. Often the building abusesconcern "only" a "illegal enlargement”And not a new construction.

In case of illegal building permit

If the person in charge ofBuilding abuse He had a "permission to build"But from the documentation issued to the municipality it is clear that this is an illegal permit, then the matter must be reported to the Town Planning and Topomastic Office by means of a dispute on the issue of a building permit that is not in line with the urban plan.

Report a building abuse

If theBuilding abusefromdenouncehas not had any permit, after carrying out the investigations with documentation and urban plan in hand, it is possible to contact the Municipal Police command of the Municipality concerned byabuse.

At the command of the traffic police it will be possible to check the presence of a business cartel.

If this is not present, you already have all the details to proceed: the absence of the corporate cartel is already a crime punishable with a fine and the competent authorities are neither the carabinieri nor the State Police, to proceed you will need to submit thecomplaintto the Building Surveillance Section of the Municipal Police.

How to report a building abuse, In summary

  • Make sure it's a real oneBuilding abusechecking the urban plan available at the Technical Office of your Municipality of Residence.
  • If the illegal construction took place with a regular permit issued by the local administration, the complaint must be presented to the Town Planning and Topomastic Office of the Municipality of Residence.
  • If theBuilding abuselacks a permit, contact the Municipal Police by filling in theexposed which will then be sent to the municipality of reference, the Questore, the Public Safety Commissioner and all the competent authorities. Therecomplaint of building abuseit will then be forwarded to the regional offices.
  • Such a complaint can also be made in the form anonymous, by selecting the appropriate box of the complaint.

How to report a building abuse in anonymity

It's possiblereport a building abusein shapeanonymous. In this context, at the time of the report, when the municipal police will deliver theexposedto be filled in, you must tick the appropriate box to be able to continue anonymously.

For a more specific guide on complaints of unauthorized building in the Campania region, we invite you to read the page:how to report a building abuse in Naples.

The Campania Region recalls:
The complaint is an important tool of collaboration on the part of the citizen that allows theRegion to be promptly aware of crimes in the construction field, we remember howeverthat the citizen has no legal obligation that requires him to file a complaint.

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