Aquatic plants for garden pond

Aquatic plants for garden pond

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Aquatic plants for garden pond: photos, which plants to grow, characteristics and useful information.

If you have a pond in the garden, with the addition plants aquatic can only improve the aesthetics and health of the water.

The aquatic plants help to give a more natural look to yours pond garden. In addition, there are various advantages related to the cultivation ofaquatic plants in pond home:

  • The plants in pond they can provide shelter and shade to fish by helping them nest.
  • They increase the amount of oxygen in the water, which is useful for fish and for maintaining the balance of the aquatic ecosystem.
  • They reduce the need for maintenance work because the aquatic plants they help to absorb metals and other substances that can pollute the water.
  • They reduce the spread of mucilage and infesting algae.

Which plants choose for the pond in the garden?

When selecting the plants from cultivate in the small stretch of water of the garden you have to deal with a large number of factors.

It is true that on the one hand the plants aquatic plants reduce the need for water maintenance work but, on the other hand, if you choose fast-growing plants, it will be necessary to frequently cut excess vegetation. So, even if on the one hand they keep the water healthy, on the other they require attention and care.


Select plants that can live well in your geographic area. The choice must also be made based on the type of aquatic fauna you intend to breed. Plants must be able to share the same space as fish, turtles and any other aquatic creatures in order to seek an ecological balance. When choosing the plants you will have to deal with:

Floating plants, submerged plants and oxygenating plants

Choose some oxygenating plants, both plants that grow totally immersed in water and floating plants.

The first secret to furnish the pond with aquatic plants is starting with a good choice: at the time of purchase, make sure that the plant is healthy, with no yellow leaves or brown parts. Make sure the dealer keeps the plants in a clean, spacious and light-filled environment.

Oxygenating plants

They are very useful for the health of the pond especially if there are gods fishes: oxygenating plants use the waste produced by fish as a natural fertilizer and offer oxygen to the water. Like all aquatic plants, even oxygenating ones reduce the proliferation of algae. These plants must be inserted in the garden pond in early spring.

Floating plants

They cover a large part of the surface of the pond. They provide the necessary shade to ensure the growth of other aquatic plants.

Submerged and floating plants

Plants such as water lilies provide decoration, shade, and shelter. Other aquatic plants place their roots a few centimeters below the water level while the rest of the plant grows on the surface, in this category we see - among the others - the calla, the caltha, the acorus and the Iris laevigata.

Aquatic plants for the garden pond

Among the other aquatic plants that can be hosted in the home pond, we point out the plantago-aquatica Alisma.

The Alisma does not require treatment. It is also known as water plantain or ladle and is a plant that grows spontaneously along waterways. It can be grown along low margins where it will create extensive green, broad-leaved areas with typical small, white flowers.

Can't miss theWater lilies. Water lilies are floating plants. There are many species and just as many varieties.

Betweenaquatic plants for garden pondit is also possible to give space tocarnivorous. In fact, those who live in the far south of Italy can grow very decorative carnivorous plants. In this house, the plant should be planted on the edges of the pond. The carnivorous plants to grow on the edge of the pond are the species of the genus Sarracenia.

Always onedges of the garden pondYes they cancultivate plantslike the Eriophorum angustifolium which with its narrow-leaved panicles create a very characteristic spot. These plants produceflowersvery spectacular and abundant whites. It is an evergreen plant that blooms in late spring.

Where to buy aquatic plants?

It is possible to contact a specialized shop or take advantage of the web sale. On Amazon there are very interesting commercial offers that vary from supplier to supplier. For more information and photos, please refer to the dedicated page:

  • Aquatic Plants on Amazon

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