Electric: Milan multiplies the charging columns

Electric: Milan multiplies the charging columns

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The installation of new ones on public space charging stations for electric vehicles, which increasingly facilitate the citizen's use of vehicles of this type, is one of the objectives of the the municipality of Milan for the next few months. He stated it the Councilor for Mobility and the Environment Pierfrancesco Maran, during his participation in the presentation of Electrocity, the four days dedicated to electric mobility which takes place from 13 to 16 September. Good news for lovers of sustainable mobility, followed by another equally good news: from 17 September, the day of reactivation of the Area C, electric cars will be able to continue to access for free in the Ztl Cerchia dei Bastioni, as well as they will be able to circulate freely on Sunday 16 September on the occasion of the Sunday Aspasso, prohibited for non-electric vehicles.

In the coming months, we intend to create the conditions for the recharging points in the city to increase and we are also doing work on freight logistics, with the aim that the last mile of delivery is done by electric vehicles. The Municipality, for example through Area C and the SundaysAspasso, highlights the importance of electric vehicles in the urban fabric and the fundamental role that sustainable mobility must play in Milan ", Maran said. The councilor added that "By 2012 the Municipality intends to build a clear procedure so that all interested operators can build columns. In the meantime, however, the various operators must find an agreement to offer users the possibility of using all the columns without any brand restrictions, as is the case with petrol.”.

Today in Milan the members of the service E-moving by A2A they have 26 public recharging areas, of which 21 single and 5 double, for a total of 31 recharging columns, corresponding to 62 points on public land. From the site you can register and download an application on your mobile phone that allows you to locate the nearest column, to which you are also guided.

To find the electric car charging stations closest to your home you can use our electric car charging column search engine!

"Fostering a different type of mobility is important, for today and for the future. We are convinced that in a few years the electric will become a real alternative, not only for individuals, but also for companies, for public transport or for taxis. Even in times of crisis, in fact, the electricity responds to market needs in a concrete way ", concluded Councilor Maran.

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