The Ford Focus Electric also arrives in Italy

The Ford Focus Electric also arrives in Italy

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The sector ofelectric mobilitygrows and theFordhe is certainly not watching. ThereFord Focus EVit is already on sale in the USA where it recorded good results: 1,225 units sold only from January to the end of August. The figure is small if you look at the sales of the Nissan Leaf (no less than 14,000 units), but not so small if we consider the novelty of electric propulsion on carsFord.

ThereFocus Electricit will be marketed in Europe by the end of the year. In Italy it will be available in dealerships between December 2013 and January 2014, just the time for deliveries ... In Germany everything is ready and thepricesale is 39,900 euros.

ThereElectric focusshould give a lot of trouble toNissan Leaf, everything is understood already by looking at the battery pack, strictly lithium-ion and liquid-cooled, at 23 kWh. With this accumulator theFord Focus EVit can provide an effective range of 162 km. The electric motor has an output of 105 kW, equivalent to 142 hp and offers a maximum speed of 137 km / h. Acceleration sees the sprint from a standstill to 100 km / h covered in 11.4 seconds.


The car is recharged via a simple 220 V domestic socket, but with this refueling mode it takes 7 to 8 hours to fill up. With a domestic recharge of about 4-6 hours you can travel around a hundred km. Obviously the storms are drastically shortened when a high-speed refueling system is used.

The passenger compartment of the vehicle is comfortable and spacious. Once on board, what catches the eye is the hi-tech dashboard, dominated by a central display that shows the trend of electricity flows, useful for fully understanding the operation of theregenerative braking, technology available on the car: whenever the driver decelerates, the flow of energy clearly shows that the on-board batteries are recharging. Recall that for on-board technology theForduses Microsoft's help with the systemMyFord Touch.


Those who are impatient to wait for the car to arrive at our dealerships can try aVirtual Touraboard theFord Focus EV.

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