Photovoltaic coffee table, the innovative furniture

Photovoltaic coffee table, the innovative furniture

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Thephotovoltaic tableit is an innovative and valuable piece of furniture: on the one hand it furnishes the house and garden and on the other it produces a certain amount of clean energy.

Thephotovoltaic tableis not just for outdoors: with the right photovoltaic technology, the modules of thesmall tablethey will be able to produce electricity using any light source, even the LED lamp in the veranda, living room and office.

The photovoltaic tableit acts like a small solar-powered power plant. On the market there are several models ofphotovoltaic tables born for outdoor and indoor furnishing. Today we will report some examples.


Solar coffee table
On “il portale del Sole” asolar coffee tablewhich has a photovoltaic panel as a shelfARE YOU THERE40W. Within thesolar coffee tablea charge controller and a battery are housed, there is also a 12V output socket. The solar panel is covered with 3 mm tempered glass, the frame is sturdy and resistant and has been designed for use in the garden. The table does not have an inverter which, if purchased separately, could power the TV, computer and all appliances at 220V.

Sun Table
Thephotovoltaic tableshown in the photo above is of American origin. Made of 90% recyclable materials such as steel and aluminum combined with fiberglass and acrylic. thephotovoltaic tableSun Table has a 25-year warranty and thanks to the electricity produced and stored it can power lamps, smartphones, notebooks and other portable devices. The photovoltaic panel used is 64W, also in this case there is a thin 3 mm layer of tempered glass and a charge controller with accumulator for the storage of electrical energy is integrated inside it. The battery takes four hours of exposure to fully recharge and the charging status is indicated on a small integrated display. Included is a 12V outlet socket.


The price of thesolar coffee tablewith 64W photovoltaic panel and with measures of 18 x 31 x 54 inches amounts to 1,700 euros.

Solar coffee tablemade in Italy
The very Italian Melis Design of Bressanone (BZ), proposesphotovoltaic tablesof different sizes, colors and materials. The colors available are numerous: yellow, red, orange, blue, purple, orange, gray, black ... The company offersphotovoltaic tablesfor the garden or for indoor environments, suitable for every domestic need. Melis Design offers, among other things, production kits for aphotovoltaic tablewith the following components: photovoltaic module, charge controller, storage battery and an inverter.


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