How to irrigate a vegetable garden, the guide

How to irrigate a vegetable garden, the guide

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Irrigate a vegetable garden in a constant and efficient way is a necessary operation to ensure the success of our harvest. In this regard we will show you which irrigation systems are best suited to the particular crop needs.

It should be emphasized that tap water is rich in chlorine, a substance that serves to eliminate the microbiological load of drinking water; however, when it is used to irrigate the garden it ends up altering the pH of the soil, thus compromising particular crops. to overcome this problem, you can let the water in the aqueduct rest for at least 24 hours: most of the chlorine will evaporate and the water will not damage the ground.

Irrigate a vegetable garden, useful information

  • When irrigating the garden, make sure that no water stagnation forms as they damage the root system
  • To irrigate efficiently, cover the soil with mulch: it also serves to limit weeds and save water
  • In the summer months, irrigate the garden in the coolest hours of the day
  • Never water in full sun
  • After transplanting or planting, irrigate more frequently and avoid too strong jets of water

Irrigate a vegetable garden, the implants
The recommendations listed above refer to irrigation with watering cans, pumps and other irrigation systems. Why not install an irrigation system to meet the water needs of the garden? Of course, it will involve a small initial expense, but it will be paid off both in terms of time saved and in terms of water savings.

Micro-irrigation pipes
These pipes can be buried without problems, do not create clutter and also work well even at very low pressures. They irrigate the garden exactly where it is needed and do not waste water.

All information on the drip irrigation system can be found in the article "Drip irrigation systems, instructions for use"

Porous pipes
It is an irrigation system that distributes water evenly so its efficiency is optimized if it is used in combination with natural mulching such as straw.

These irrigation systems are even more comfortable and practical when associated with a timer.

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