Bracco italiano: character, price and breeding

Bracco italiano: character, price and breeding

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Italian Bracco, a prized breed to be kept in the palm of your hand, especially we Italians because the Italian bracco, together with the compatriot spinone, is the only pointing breed of hunting dogs made in Italy. And it is with great honor and ability. It has nothing to envy even to the many English breeds, and then we will also see why and how much. No inferiority complex, therefore, for the Italian bracco, and for any Italian. At least for animal lovers.

Bracco italiano: origins

It is a breed known since Ancient Greece that of Italian bracco and its name and characteristics are found even in the works of Xenophon. Later, again he, appears in a sonnet by Dante: a poem. Thanks to its hunting qualities, the Italian bracco already in the fifteenth century it had become famous across the border and was exported from Italy to the court of the Kings of France.

In the Renaissance era it was very popular, but in the ranks of the nobles, up to being the breed chosen by Gonzaga and by the Medici. They raised the Italian bracco to use it later in the hunts that took place in the woods around their kingdoms.

Between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, the Italian bracco, a possible extinction, neglected and not very numerous, but in the last fifty years the breed has had a great surge and now there is no need to worry. Indeed, its original version has even been recovered thanks to very careful selections.

The ascendants of the Italian bracco according to the majority of experts, they are to be found in the Egyptian racing dog, which could then have crossed with different types of Molosser.

Bracco italiano: appearance and dimensions

The Italian bracco looks like a strong animal and proves to be a vigorous and harmonious dog as a whole. He is not a big and fat dog, on the contrary his physique is dry and expresses vigor. In size, a male of Italian bracco it measures about 58-67 cm at the withers, the female 55-62 cm, and the weight of a specimen of this patriotic breed ranges from 25 kg to 40 kg.

His snout he has a serious expression but by no means evil: meek, docile, intelligent. This is also due to the voluminous and visibly protruding nose, more or less pink or fleshy or brown, depending on the color of the coat. The lips form an inverted V, with a sad touch in a nice muzzle as a whole, but wise. Who knows where to go and what to do.

It can also be seen from the eyes, neither sunken nor protruding, but well open and with an ocher iris more or less dark or brown depending on the color of the coat. The musculature of the Italian bracco is to be envied by a lot: developed and sculpted but not forced, it would not be called a "gym man", the snappy body ends in a rather robust tail at the base, the skin appears elastic but consistent, never with black spots.

Bracco italiano roan brown

The hair can have different colors, but for the Italian bracco it must be short, very dense and shiny. Short all over but shorter on limbs, head and ears. The colors allowed in the standard are two: in addition to the brown roan there is also the white-orange officially called "white dotted with brown and white dotted with pale orange".

The bracco italiano roan brown it is the most widespread while the specimens showing the other color are rare and very delicate. Own expressly prohibited for the Italian bracco they are the markings, typical of other dog breeds.

Bracco italiano: character

Good and easily trainable, the Italian bracco is a dog with an excellent character, much appreciated for its versatility. This makes it a great one pet dog, hunting, from… everything. Even in the hunting activity itself it adapts beautifully to any type of hunting, it has very high sense of firm, but if it is proposed to be watchdog, he becomes.

She has no particular health problems, compared to English breeds, as we have said, it has nothing less. More than anything else it is different: we let the English girls boast about the speed with which they perceive the presence of prey. He, the Italian bracco, he is certainly slower, but he also lends himself to other tasks and knows how to use a wider range of possibilities to reach his goal.

Bracco italiano: price

His surprising ability to learn and the ability to use and understand this dog in various ways and roles, do not make the Italian bracco a "vip" dog. The price of a Italian bracco puppy it ranges from 350 to 800 euros. This is also due to the fact that we play at home and there is no shortage of farms.

Bracco italiano: breeding

To take care of the diffusion and promotion of this breed, so that there are also many and quality breeding, right in his homeland, is S.A.B.I., Italian Bracco Amateurs Society. It is a non-profit canine society, founded in Lodi in 1949 by Camillo Valentini and Paolino Ciceri together with other dog hunters and judges.
Born in Italy but not closed in the borders of our peninsula, indeed: the S.A.B.I. It has many associates in various countries of Europe, especially France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, but members also appear in South America - Brazil and Chile - in the United States and Japan.

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