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Aluminum pans, all the info

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Aluminum pans: properties, prices, how to clean them and all the information on professional aluminum cookware and potential toxicity.

When it comes to metals that come into contact with food at high temperatures, doubts about safety are triggered immediately: the aluminum pans are harmful? No, aluminum pans are not toxic as long as they comply with good rules of use.

The properties of aluminum cookware

The aluminum pans allow a uniform distribution of heat, both on the bottom and on the sides of the pot. Thanks to its properties, aluminum hardly overheats, minimizing the risk of burns. When choosing, it is better to choosealuminum panshigh thickness: thickness plays a crucial role in the distribution of heat. Another important element is the flatness of the pan, otherwise the bottom risks deforming because the aluminum expands during heating.

How to use aluminum cookware safely

The conditions of use of the pots and, in general, of the aluminum containers provide that:

  • Food must not remain in contact with aluminum for too long, in any temperature condition. Contact with food takes less than 24 hours.
  • In case of prolonged contact, therefore with times longer than 24 hours, the aluminum pot with food must be kept at refrigerated temperatures.

Other precautions for use:

  • Don't leave thealuminum pansempty on the heat sources.
  • When storing, keep the pots by placing something between one pot and the other so as to avoid direct contact.
  • The best way to store aluminum pots (but more than anything else, pots in general) is to hang them.
  • When cooking, use the right flame in proportion to the diameter of the pan, especially when it comes to professional aluminum cookware.
  • Use thepotsisnon-stick pansonly for fast cooking, not for the dangers associated with the coating, but because the non-stick layer was created for the so-called "violent cooking", fast, where the power of the heat source plays a crucial role.
  • When cooking, use high heat only foraluminum pots and panswith non-stick coating. With thepure aluminum cookware, with 99% degree of purity, never use a high flame but cook the food over low or moderate heat.

There are several types of on the marketaluminum pans. In particular we have:

  • Aluminum pans with non-stick coating
  • Aluminum pans with ceramic coating
  • Professional aluminum cookware or pure aluminum cookware

Professional pots and pans made of pure aluminum tend to oxidize. The dark patina that forms inside the aluminum pans with purity higher than 99% is due to the oxidation of the metal, this patina represents a real inert protective barrier that must not be removed.

Aluminum pans, how to clean them

For cleaning, pans made of pure aluminum, as well as those with a non-stick coating, cannot go in the dishwasher. For cleaning, simply use water and neutral soap or a non-aggressive ecological detergent. Avoid abrasive sponges and, after washing, wipe with paper slightly soaked in oil.

THEprices of aluminum cookwarethey vary a great deal according to the manufacturer, the coating and the degree of purity. The thermal insulation of the handles (grips) also has an impact on the final cost of the product. Among the advantages of aluminum cookware, in addition to the properties mentioned above, we also point out a good versatility of use and above all maximum handling: aluminum is light and easy to manage.

The aluminum pans they are much cheaper than cast iron pans, even when it comes to professional or prestigious models such as the lineLambs. To get a precise idea of ​​the prices and models of aluminum pots, I invite you to visit the Amazon store: Aluminum pots, it is on the web that pots and pans can be found at more competitive prices.

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