Blind cat: how to handle the problem

Blind cat: how to handle the problem

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Blind cat, from birth or adulthood, there is always a problem to learn to manage. It is not impossible to do this, and let's take into account, before despairing, that a cat, even a blind cat, has great inventiveness, strong resourcefulness and abundant grit. Other than us humans, they are felines and surrender, even evidently, is not their thing.

Given that the blind cat he may very well live a good life of satisfaction, but it is necessary to distinguish the origin and timing of the problem. If a blind cat it is from birth, it is quite easy to both recognize and manage. And blindness can be the consequence of an injury or disease, but this kind of blind cat he will have no difficulty in learning how to move: for him it has always been like this and so it remains, the world, just a few more foresight on our part. Which I will explain later.

Even the blind cat that becomes an adult, we are sure that he will get used to the situation and will not miss opportunities to enjoy life.

Blind cat: risks

Resolvable, yes, the situation of the blind cat, but be careful not to pretend nothing has happened: we would end up harming our big cat. A blind catBasically, he shouldn't go out except in the presence of a completely fenced yard where we are sure he would not be able to escape or even get lost.

However, there is also the risk of getting hurt or hurt for the cat, for this reason it is best to accompany him and be present when he wanders in the garden. Even if it is ours, and a little bit his, garden blind cat, living indoors is the safest thing, the garden or courtyard are increasingly difficult to manage.

Blind cat: diagnosis

As soon as we suspect that our cat is blind or is becoming a blind cat, let's take him to the vet right away. Right away because some causes of blindness are reversible if handled promptly. An example is the blind cat for hypertension: thanks to the daily intake of some specific drugs, it is possible that the blind cat, and hypertensive, regain sight and also all the rest of their health.

Blind cat: symptoms

To notice that our cat is blind it is necessary to observe it. Pay attention to his behavior without taking anything for granted, also because when the blind cat it has never been, it can become one in a few days. What is generally noticed is a certain strangeness in his actions, a confused and clearly disoriented doing.

It may happen to see the blind cat bumping into furniture and other objects, going more "slowed down" and with less desire to venture outdoors. And then a blind cat has discomfort in the eyes, eyes that rub or squint and which, as masters, we must inspect. Just see if they look different than usual. For example in reacting to light, perhaps with dilated pupils, or in tearing or looking dull, inflamed, or faded.

Blind cat: it can be done

When a blind cat is helped by us, he finds his way, in one way or another, because he will learn to walk around the house with the help of hearing and whiskers which will allow him to assess depth and avoid obstacles. One more reason - hear, hear! - not to shorten the whiskers that will become for the cat an essential “radar” instrument at night or in confined spaces.

Vibrisses aside, the other four senses of the blind cat they will sharpen over time - a natural process we can only encourage. Even after the diagnosis, any blind cat for any reason, it should be taken regularly to the vet for monitoring checks and to make sure that the other senses are not damaged.

Blind cat: precautions

It doesn't take much to make a person's life easier and more pleasant blind cat. For example, we can buy him a collar with the signal that he is blind and an address where to find us and bring him back if he gets lost. If he can access the garden it is good that the cat all access to windows and balconies is blocked, and it's not nice to keep making changes to your home. For example, moving furniture.

Every change, however small, is stressful for one blind cat that navigates around the house in the dark always and in any case: let's try to imagine ourselves. A little order and a few scattered things around do not hurt. Furthermore, to make it as independent as possible, we can indicate to the blind cat where find the litter box, the water bowl and the food bowl.

Since it orients itself with sounds, the blind cat, let's not confuse him and avoid making too much noise. Similarly for sudden noises and, if there are any, we can reassure the blind cat with caresses and beautiful words. Also to approach him it is good to talk to him gently and reach him calmly, without scaring him but accustoming him to our arrival and our presence.

Blind cat: forbidden to play who?

He is as playful and mischievous as his colleagues, the blind cat, so we can and must play with him to make him understand that he has every right and is able. He does not have to live a life of sacrifices and sacrifices, of sadness. We therefore deliberately choose toys that make noise or smell of food, so that the cat you find them by following the sound or smell.

There is a world of toys for one blind cat: the one that produces rustles, or creaks, little rumbles or that can be hit and used around the rooms. Some even squeak like mice or chirp like birds. In addition to the game, also the rest of the cares and habits, for a blind cat they remain all right: let's brush it regularly, feed it with nutritious foods, take it regularly to the vet. For a blind cat it is advisable to pay attention to the nose and ears, to be treated as treasures, as a lifesaver: they have become the organs that facilitate their existence.

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