Jack Russell: character and nutrition

Jack Russell: character and nutrition

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Jack Russell, a small terrier born to hunt fox but then became a dog especially for apartments, companions, show and, what can I say, from sympathy! It's a english dog, with a consequent humor, a white coat with scattered patches, in small size. The Jack Russell he is cheerful, lively and intelligent. A good roommate, for singles, a great member of a family that loves dogs. And foxes too.

Jack Russell: origin

Born in England in 1795 this breed. In Darthmout (Devon). In fact, he lived there Jack Russell, the creator, a pastor of the parish of Swymbridge also a knight emeritus and great hunter. In addition to prayer, with the same dedication, Jack Russell in his life he has devoted himself to the selection of a breed capable of hunting foxes with skill and comfort.

Among the Terriers he tried to get what we call today Jack Russell in his honor, he did not succeed immediately but started a selection of the breed that could compete with the "Foxhound”And go underground to find foxes. The result, at the moment, was double: one with a long leg, the Parson Jack Russell, and a short leg, the Jack Russell.

The Jack Russell was recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) only in 2000, a conquest of "our" sympathetic Jack Russell, which came a long time after the Parson Jack Russell was declared in 1990 as a distinct breed.

This late and recent recognition entails the existence of many differences between specimens of the same breed.

Jack Russell: I wait

We just said that there are all kinds of Jack Russell, but let's try to give some indication on the aspects that unite them all, these cute fox dogs. The Jack Russell is usually a predominantly white dog, with a mix of brown and sometimes black patches on the head but also on the back, usually.

The Jack Russell it is a maximum of about thirty cm tall and weighs 5-6 -kg, has a short tail and carried high, black nose and lips, small and V-shaped ears falling forward, brown and almond-shaped eyes. Returning to the hair, beyond the color, it can be smooth, rough and Broken. The latter type is a mix of his first, and is less common.

Most of the Jack Russell, especially in Italy, he has a smooth coat that tends to emphasize, not even on purpose, like a bodybuilder, good muscles. Even if it does not hunt, it no longer hunts, its legs remain with a shape suitable for excavating the ground, even in the narrowest tunnels. Traces of his past as a hunter also in the jaw, ready to grab with force and pull.

Jack Russell toy

It does not exist, it is one urban myth? Most experts seem to argue that so, for this elusive Jack Russell. If the known one is about 30 cm high for a maximum weight of 6 kg, with a little margin we can go to 25 cm and 5 kg without inventing the Jack Russel Toy.

It looks a lot like a gimmick from the media, or from salespeople. If we hear about Jack Russell aLONG leg does not exist. If we see something like the Jack Russell but bigger, we are getting confused with the other race we talked about. There Parson Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell: character

Small and very lively, the Jack Russell it's an explosion of sympathetic energy. He is wild but also very intelligent, so he is never, or almost annoying, even if he loves to play a lot and it is good that you know this before adopting one.

He doesn't pretend, but he likes it, and why not give it to him? The Jack Russell, fun aside, he is very balanced as a dog, and it is enough to educate him a little to be able to entertain him with children and other dogs. The character qualities of this breed make it a excellent guardian for the property but above all suitable for family living, perhaps doing sports such asagility.

Jack Russell: feeding

In tune with its playful and lively character, even from a food point of view Jack Russell it is not particularly demanding. Of course, as for other dogs, it takes a diet that is appropriate to its activities and size. A daily ration is approx 280-350 gr with a good half of meat.

Despite the very powerful jaw, I do not recommend bones of birds and rabbits, indeed, precisely because it would crush them, it would then have in the mouth and in the body sharp splinters. Better to opt for fake bones or leather that must not be missing as well as one bowl of fresh water always available.

Jack Russell: breeding

When we get a puppy of Jack Russell in a farm, it is best to keep the same diet that it had before meeting us, for the first months of life. Consult the veterinarian and do not underestimate the change in dietary regimen: if it really has to happen, it must be done well, gradually and aware of having to keep a balance of the components.

In Italy, most of the farms provide short-haired Jack Russell puppies, for those who want the rough variant or the "middle ground" variant, they can try to look for it beautiful larger farms that maybe dedicate some "section" to the Jack Russell coarse coat.

Another rarity of breeding is the Jack Russell Black and Tan, the most common variant in northern Europe where black tinged with brown is predominant in the coat also with white spots on the legs and chest.

Jack Russel: cost

A puppy of Jack Russell with common and average performing characteristics such as aesthetics and character, it costs from 500 to 800 euros. A price that the fame that this breed is creating on TV and in the cinema also pays a little. If officially as a race it was made official in 2000, the world of Hollywood and Cinecittà did not wait. The dog "Milo" from the film The Mask with Jim Carrey is a Jack Russell Terrier, for example, is the Jack Russell it also appears in the Italian commercials of Melinda apples, and of brands such as Original Marines, Fastweb and Allianz.

Flealick of the film Babe goes to town, which has wheels on its hind legs that help it move, is a Jack Russell and there is also one in Anything of Antonio Albanese: is the dog of the son of the protagonist Cetto Laqualunque and does not make a good end. In the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Ron Weasley's patronus is a Jack Russell and in the famous black and white masterpiece, The Artist (by Michel Hazanavicius) there is the Jack Russell Uggie who received the Golden Collar Awards in 2012.

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