Asafoetida in the kitchen

Asafoetida in the kitchen

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Asafoetida in the kitchen: where to buy and use in the kitchen and as a remedy in Ayurveda medicine. Virtue and properties of asafoetida (Ferula foetida), its uses, aroma, perfume and Indian food and wine traditionto.

L'asafoetida(Ferula foetida) is a perennial species native to the Middle East. Due to its bad smell it is known as devil's manure or fetid fennel. The name fetid fennel comes from its similarity to wild fennel but is distinguished by the particular yellow-green flowers and large pulpy roots.

Asafoetida, Ferula foetida: plant

L'asafoetidaorfetid assais a plant of the Apiaceae family, originally from ancient Persia. It is also known by its common namefetid fenneland its botanical name isferula foetida.

Assa fetida, flavor

Even if the smell is unpleasant, once cooked this spice gives the dishes an aroma similar to that of garlic. The intensity of theflavorit depends on the quantity added and the quality of the product.

Asafoetida ayurveda: remedies and properties

Asafoetida is a natural remedy popularized for property disinfectants, digestive, carminative, antispasmodic, laxative, antimicrobial and other properties that make it the perfect remedy to eliminate intestinal gas and to treat indigestion, spasms, constipation and flutolence.

For its benefits, theasafoetidait is widely used in medicineayurveda. Ayurveda is the traditional medicine used in India since ancient times.

For everything related to the beneficial properties of Asafoetida I refer you to the page "Asafoetida, properties and uses". On this page I will focus on the use ofasafoetida in the kitchen.

L'asafoetida, before being an ancient natural remedy, is known as a spice: during cooking, the bad smell disappears, giving way to a good aroma, more or less intense according to the variety chosen.

Asafoetida in cooking: uses

The uses in the kitchen are linked to the strong aroma ofasafoetida. L'asafoetida in the kitchencomes in powder form. The powder of asafoetida is produced starting from the resin extracted from the porous root, in the Indian food and wine tradition, asafoetida is ground at the moment so as to guarantee a higher quality to the dish, a bit like we Italians should do with the pepper berries to be ground at the time of 'use.

The bad smell of sulfur dissolves completely with cooking, leaving a spicy aroma with a faint hint of black pepper and vaguely reminiscent of the scent of garlic and onion stir-fried.

In the Middle East, theasafoetida (asafoetida) is a spice with a functional role: it is used as a condiment for dishes that are difficult to digest or to improve the conservation of some foods.

In Indian cuisine it is used as a flavor enhancer, it is often associated with turmeric; asafoetida and turmeric are two almost standard components of Indian cuisine, especially when it comes to bringing vegetable dishes to the table. In many areas of India the cuisine is predominantly vegetarian, so spices such asasafoetidaplay a key role in enriching dishes. It is usually used on vegetables and cooked vegetables (also to soften the bad smell that it presents when raw) but when dried, it can be mixed with salt and used to dress salads.

In its pure form, theasafoetidait must always be kept in hermetically sealed containers: its strong aroma could contaminate and compromise the freshness of the other spices stored in the same pantry.

Even if theasafoetida in the kitchenit is very popular in central India and other areas of the Middle East (Iran, Syria, Libya ...) this same spice is not consumed by Buddhist vegetarians.

In the West it is easy to findasafoetidafor use inkitchenmixed with other spices or ingredients. Very common is the mixture of 33% asafoetida powder mixed with equal amounts of rice flour and gum arabic powder. It can also be found in the popular garam masala spice blend or in pure (rarer) form as dried, round or teardrop grains, combined with a reddish yellow mass.

Asafoetida, where to buy

On the market it is not difficult to find theasafoetidain powder mixed with other ingredients, it is much more difficult to find pure asafoetida. If you can't find it in the spice department of the supermarket, you can take advantage of the online shopping.

On Amazon, for example, there is no shortage of sales proposals forpure asafoetidaor mixed with other spices. TO "this Amazon page "you can find several proposals ofpure asafoetida at the most disparate prices based on the desired quantity and the manufacturer.

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