Thai cat: character and cost

Thai cat: character and cost

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Thai cat, a cat with very ancient origins and a troubled history, not yet recognized by all feline associations but certainly recognized by many fans. Many love him more than the Siamese modern with which he has always had to elbow.

The Thai cat, also called Traditional Siamese, Apple-Head Siamese, Old-Style Siamese, originated in Thailand, we are in the 17th century the first time we hear about it. Medium size, short hair, this well-known breed, as well as historical, recovers the shapes of the traditional siamese cat, in a certain sense forms that we could define vintage compared to those we see today on the modern Siamese cat.

The morphology of the Thai cat in fact it almost disappeared from the 1950s and 1960s, with the development of its fellow Siamese rival, but the Thai cat and his fans, however, made themselves heard and we will see how they managed to recover the aesthetics of the past. And to make one real breed.

Initially the Thai cat he had been called Creme caramel then, fortunately, it was changed, so as to no longer run the risk of ending up on the menu of some restaurant. This new name derives from its land, Thailand, the new name of the ancient Kingdom of Siam.

Thai cat: history

The FIFe has not yet recognized the Thai cat, but from WCF (Word Cat Federation) yes, for years, and there too TICA (The International Cat Federation) accepted it, first on trial, in 2007, then officially, on January 21, 2010.

To tell the story of the Thai cat we must reach the kingdom of Siam and its capital, Bangkok, at the time of the XIV when documents already speak of it. Their appearance in the West dates back to the end of the 19th century: the first examples of Thai cat, together with English merchants fascinated by the beauty of the cloak and, let alone, by the big blue eyes.

The debut in one exposure it only took place in 1881 in London, but not with the aesthetic that is the standard today. Little remained from the cat that landed years before, with the transformation into Siamese cat which year after year takes on ever more tapered shapes, so much so that we regret the rounder ones of Thai cat.

In fact in the 90's some breeders begin to regret the old breed, they call it loudly, they recover it and slowly they are managing to make it recognized. We are on track officially, while on an informal level, fans of the Thai cat they are many and wild. Understandable.

Thai cat: appearance and characteristics

Elegant, never squat, I would dare to say unmistakably elegant and harmonious, the Thai cat it is medium in size and retains a toned structure. IS' muscled and not too elongated or pointed: slender and elegant, it is never squat or clumsy, nor cobby.

The paws of the Thai cat the ears, of medium size, are elongated and well-rounded, in the rounded ends, while the tail is long and pointed, in the final. The head is wedge-shaped but hardly noticeable, because in Thai cat to bewitch there are two immense ones blue eyes. Bluer than blue and only blue are allowed, large and lemon-shaped.

A much appreciated feature of the Thai cat it is also the hair.

Thai cat: cloak

Short and shiny, the hair of the Thai cat it has no undercoat, figure very close to the body, silky, pleasant to caress even if not soft in the true sense of the word. The Thai cat like the Siamese is a cat colourpoint: this means that it shows a sharp contrast between the color of the points and that of the body. The darker colored parts are the ears, the mask, the legs, the tail and, in the male, also the testicles.

All varieties of colors are accepted and here you can be amazed. We pass from the traditional seal point to diluted Thai blue point cat, with chocolate point and its lilac point variant. Then there are also the red point, with the similar cream point, and all varieties in tortie, in tabby, even i tortie tabby point. Finally there is also the Thai Golden cat: a variety that even sports shades of gold and apricot.

Thai cat: character

It is perfect for living in an apartment, the Thai cat, and seems to appreciate it very much. He loves, he loves, he needs human contact and it's easy to find rolled up close if not above someone, the owner - or a nice guest - or near, preferably above. So while there is, check.

Sweet and affectionate, very sociable, the Thai cat he builds an almost morbid relationship with the family that adopts him and with the human specimen elected to be his master. He can also become possessive, follow him and "buffer" him.
He is intelligent and knows his stuff, the Thai cat, and he also knows how to express it. It is called a talking cat, and then imagine what it is able to express. His meow sounds like a speech, he knows how to make himself understood and even ask for attention.

Thai cat: price

Given his attachment to man and the extreme extroverted side, the Thai cat is considered by many to be a kind of "dog Cat". Its price is not too high, it is still a fairly niche cat and you can find specimens in 800-1,000 euros.

The Thai cat it is also adaptable to cohabitation with other animals, as well as being perfect with children. It is in fact a tremendous and unstoppable playful, dynamic and cuddly: if the female is a little precious, in seeking company and cuddles, the male of the Thai cat it is more visceral and "raw". Ground to ground.

Thai cat: breeding

If you want to buy a pedigreed Thai cat it is important to turn to a reliable kennel. Among those we can recommend in Italy, we point out the "La Fenice" kennel recognized by the WCF, AFEF, AFSI and AGI feline associations.

La Fenice kennel is managed by Manuela Bollati and is located in Barga, in the province of Lucca. The main objective of the breeding is to make the Thai cat known, to preserve it from extinction, creating new generations of Thai cats with the best health, character and aesthetic characteristics.

For more information, you can visit the official farm website at

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