Do the washing machine: tips to save

Do the washing machine: tips to save

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As do the laundry? How to manage the various washing programs and get perfect laundry? There are some tricks that help save electricity and to have clean clothes using little detergent. Here they are.

Do the washing machine: tips to save

Let's get smart. The washing machines are equipped with various washing programs depending on the fabrics to be washed and the desired temperature. Some programs last longer, others less, but if the laundry is not so dirty the washing result is the same. The only difference is that the longer program consumes more electricity.

So let's do this: if we have to wash lightly soiled towels, undershirts, underwear and cotton tablecloths, we select the program for synthetic / mixed fabrics at 60 ° C instead of the cotton program; the washing cycle will be shorter, the washing machine will have to withstand less mechanical movements (less wear) and the quality of the laundry will be the same.

Do the washing machine: the programs

For each washing program there are some measures that optimize the laundry. In cotton program, the ideal is to operate the machine with the basket full but not overloaded (we do not try to push in extra pieces). If the drum is too full, the laundry is not washed well and the washing machine motor stresses unnecessarily. Filling the drum halfway, on the other hand, is justified only if the washing machine has the half load option, otherwise we waste water and electricity.

With the synthetic / mixed program, the basket, on the other hand, should only be filled halfway or slightly more. This is because, the more items you put in the basket, the greater the electricity of the synthetic windows, with the result of wasting them.

With the delicate items program, perfect laundry is obtained by filling the drum only halfway and thus reducing the friction between the various items (if the washing machine has a half load, obviously it is better). Even with the wool program it is best to only fill half of the basket to create as little friction as possible on the fibers.

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