13 tricks to freshen up your home in a natural way

13 tricks to freshen up your home in a natural way

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How to freshen up your home naturally: strategies and tips to keep the house cool in summer even without air conditioning.

As already explained in the articlefresh house without air conditioner,keep the house cool in the summer without air conditioning it is by no means a simple task but we can certainly do something to make the environment more livable.

There are many ways to save on air conditioning, first of all it is possible cool the house naturally taking advantage of shading, insulating windows, natural ventilation, ceiling fans, solar cooling and other strategies that will allow you to refresh your home in a natural way.

Natural ventilation
To take advantage of natural ventilation, you should examine the place where you live: at what times of day do the winds blow the strongest? It is not advisable to open doors and windows if there is not a breath of wind ... it would end up allowing the heat and heat to enter, further increasing the domestic temperatures. Other considerations to take to take advantage of natural ventilation are: from which direction does the wind blow? In case of bad summer weather, which direction do the storms come from? Just by waving a flag in different places outside the house to answer these questions and start understanding how to take advantage of natural ventilation.

The tricks to freshen up the house in a natural way

1. Shade the windows facing south, east and west. Curtains and shutters are excellent allies.
2. Whenever possible, avoid activities that generate heat such as using the oven, stove, iron ...
3. Close doors and windows during the hottest hours of the day.
4. Use a natural dehumidifier, avoid the electric dehumidifier because like any electrical appliance, it generates heat.
5. Use ceiling fans.
6. Shade the area exposed to the sun by planting a tree south of the house, choose a tree with a large crown in summer and that sheds its leaves in winter.
7. Avoid paving the area around the house.
8. Insulate the house by taking advantage of the tax deductions set at 65% for interventions carried out by 31 December 2015. The deductions will also be available in 2016 with a tax relief set at 50% - 30%.
9. Close the curtains on west-facing windows and on any doors / windows that are directly affected by sunlight.
10. Outside each window install a sunscreen with bamboo canes. These are very economical solutions that provide shade to the house.
11. Paint the exterior of the house with clear paints. White doors and window frames may absorb less heat.
12. Consider replacing windows with better insulated doors and windows.
13. Evaluate the purchase of an air conditioner by taking advantage of the tax relief made available with the 2016 Stability Law or by taking advantage of the Thermal Account which reimburses part of the purchase price of energy class air conditioners at least A +.

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