Horse tail, properties and uses

Horse tail, properties and uses

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Horse tail:beneficial properties and natural remedies based on horsetail. Active ingredients and useful information.

L'Field horsetail (Equisetum arvense), better known ashorse grass, is a perennial herbaceous plant with remarkablebeneficial properties. L'horse grassit can be used for the preparation of severalnatural remediesfor use in the home or in the garden.

L'horse grassit has become famous for the active ingredients contained in the leaves, stem and roots. L'Horsetail, in traditional Austrian medicine, it was used for baths and impacts, as a treatment for skin disorders, to treat kidney and urinary tract problems, and as a remedy for rheumatism and gout.

Among the active ingredients we mention silicic acid (up to 15%), equisetonin (a terpene glycoside of saponins), flavonoids, small amounts of alkaloids, potassium salts, aluminum salts, manganese salts and other mineral substances. These are just some of the active compounds present in the plant systems ofhorsetail, there are also resins, ascorbic acid and many other organic acids.

The use of the sterile stem is widespread for the preparation of homeopathic remedies. The stem is harvested in the summer and after drying, it is shredded and reduced to powder before being used. According to the experts, thehorse grass possesses notablepropertycurative: it would be able to slow down the leakage of blood in case of haemorrhage thanks to anti-haemorrhagic and haemostatic properties. Thanks to its supposed healing properties, in the case of minor injuries, horse grass could speed up the healing process.

Preparations based onpony tailthey are used for their diuretic and remineralizing properties. L'horsetail it seems to be an ancient natural remedy to soothe the symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis.

The classic grandmother's remedies use horse grass to prepare compresses to eliminate chilblains and other skin irritations. Horse grass would seem very useful for those who want to strengthen their nails in a natural way.

Not only homeopathic remedies, in the field of natural cosmetics, the extracts ofhorsetailare among the ingredients used for the formulation of anti-wrinkle creams, it would seem that the active ingredients contained in this vegetable would be able to slow down skin aging. Still in the cosmetic field, horse grass is exploited for its own anti-cellulite properties.

In biodynamic agriculture,Horsetailit is used to stop the excessive development of mold and fungi in excessively watery areas: the high silica content in the plant reduces the effects of humidity.

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